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  1. darcshadow

    Signblazer History

    Ok, I never looked at the history thing before so I just opened SB and took a look. The history is simply short cuts to the .sbd files. The actual .history file is only 1KB and is simply a text file containing the addresses of the various files. To answer your original post, on my computer anyway my history folder is located C:\Program Files (x86)\Cutting Technologies\SignBlazer Elements\history But if you're wanting the actual files moved from one computer to another they are located where ever you saved them. If you saved them in SB they will have a .sbd file extension and you can search your computer for them. If they were imported files (eps, ps, pdf, etc) you'll have to search for them that way. when you open the history thing in SB, it will show you the full name of the file so you can search for individual files as well. My guess is once you find one file, all the others will be in the same place.
  2. darcshadow

    Signblazer History

    By history, are you referring to listing under file->open? If so, that is just a shortcut to the file. The actual file has a .SBD extension. Search your computer for .SBD and you should find all your files.
  3. darcshadow

    Wall Logo

    I've put 631 on knock down texture with no problems.
  4. It would be possible I guess if you are comfortable with splicing wires but I wouldn't recommend it. If someone were to trip over the cord and it was hardwired who knows what kind of damage you could do vs it simply coming unplugged. I'm not near the machine right now, but I believe so. I remember when I did it, it was pretty simple and obvious.
  5. yes, take the side off and it's pretty easy to see what you'll need to do.
  6. darcshadow

    Help Please!! Need Font Help!!

    Tracing is never ideal, but if you can take a high enough resolution photo or scan it shouldn't be too difficult to get a good trace.
  7. darcshadow

    Cleaning lighted sign sheet

    Might look ok during the day, but when the light is on behind it you'd still see the shadow. Probably not worth the time, but you might be able to sand it down to remove the shadows, would be a lot of work though.
  8. I'm not familiar with VM LTR, does it not have a tool for drawing simple lines, or boxes? If it does, just use that to add what ever weed lines you like.
  9. darcshadow


    Sister-in-law is a huge Snoopy fan and asked if I'd make her a bookshelf that looked like his dog house. Went a step further and used the vinyl cutter to create stencils to cut out a Snoopy and then paint him. I'm really pleased with how it turned out and know she is going to love it.
  10. darcshadow

    VM LTR V4 Area test wrong

    To play devils advocate, what if your cutting PC is not online, how do you get the updated drivers? Personally I hate automated updates. I want to be able to download a file once and use it to update as many PCs as I like.
  11. darcshadow

    - Cutting - BUG -

    From the screen shots you posted it is cutting absolute, the catch is the bottom right of the preview screen is your 0,0 point and on your design screen, the 0,0 point is the top left. If the cutter preview image was rotated 180 degree things would like up and you'd cut what you see. Personally I'd turn off the absolute position and just position the cutter head to start where you want.
  12. darcshadow

    Need help...

    Just a shot in the dark. Does your MH have the dual holder, one for a pin and one for a blade? If so, are you using the correct position for the blade? Don't know why it would work with one type of vinyl and not the other though.
  13. Till they make the software change, you just need to change your thinking in the way you look at the image. In your design space, the left edge is the bottom. Rotate your design in your design space with that in mind and it will come out on the plotter they way you want. Or change the way you think of top and bottom on the cutter. Personally I think the cutter preview image shown should be rotated to the right 90 degrees. The height of your design space would then be the width of the vinyl and the width of your design space would be the length of vinyl.
  14. darcshadow

    For you copyright gurus

    If it was just copyright infringement, they might be able to get away with it, but it's trademark infringement which is taken quite a bit more serious.
  15. This was just way too cool not to share.
  16. darcshadow

    For you copyright gurus

    Trademarks are a big deal. If the company doesn't protect them, they can actually be lost. And in the case I 100% agree with HD. HD was the first thing that comes to mind when you see that logo from a distance.
  17. darcshadow

    portable dot matrix printer

    That's pretty cool. Wonder if it works as well as it seems to in the video.
  18. darcshadow

    Way off topic - Jet Hover Board

    What till Jet board 2.0. ha This guy, that the guy with the jet wing suit need to get together and combine the two.
  19. darcshadow


    As a work around, you might try opening the file in another program that can save the file off as an eps or something VM can use. Inkscape is free and should be able to do this.
  20. darcshadow

    Weeding Lines? Let's see how

    Actually, no, you don't have to close the loop with the polyline.
  21. Ok, I miss interpreted your original post, that should be good. If you have access to an Ohm meter or DMM it'd still be a good idea to take a measurement just to verify the path to ground, but a wire from bare metal on the stand to bare metal on the cutter should be good. Three reasons that come to mind that this would be working would be the cutter chassis is not grounded (it should be but stranger things have happened), the power cord has a bad ground wire, or the ground of the building is faulty. All 3 are pretty remote possibilities, but I've seen stranger. Lived in a house for a short time where the ground was not ground and actually had 120V on it.
  22. If it is static, which it kind of sounds like, double check your grounding of the stand. If you have access to an Ohm meter, or a DMM, check the resistance from the rollers on the stand to the ground pin on the cutter's plug. Ideally it should be in the milliohm range, but anything under a few ohms should be good. Removing the paint as you mentioned should work, but a better, more secure method would be to attach a wire to the stand and a ground on the cutter.
  23. darcshadow

    Pricing question for 951

    You know your hardware cost, double that then add in your time. How long will it take you to make it and what do you consider your time worth?
  24. darcshadow

    Unable to detect font

    Font finding tools don't handle script very well. If you edit the image to break out each individual letter font finding tools will work a little better.
  25. darcshadow

    What is a Vinyl Sticker and what is a Vinyl decal?

    kind of how I look at it, decals to adults, stickers to kids.