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  1. darcshadow

    Newbie Question

    Sure, anything is possible.
  2. darcshadow

    Laptop power

    Most likely the socket on the computer. My wife had the same sort of problem. Took it to a local show and they replaced the jack in the computer. Cost was about $100 I think, although the part was only $5 or $10.
  3. darcshadow

    Windows 10 and com ports

    Haven't played with 10 much yet, but in older windows you could go to your device manager window, ports, and right click on the port in question. Choose properties, port settings, Advanced, and from there you could change the port number. Not sure this will fix your problem but it can't hurt any.
  4. darcshadow


    Thanks, it was a fun little project, made so much easier with the vinyl templates. Here's another shot showing the "front" with the door.
  5. darcshadow

    MH871 Cutting Issue

    For something that detailed you'll want a much slower speed and double check your blade. Do a search on here, there are dozens of threads that contain instructions on the correct way to set blade depth. Also keep in mind, even with everything set correctly, that fine of detail on a MH is going to be tricky and you'll likely never get it 100% perfect.
  6. darcshadow

    Vehicle Signage Do's and Don't

    For a red truck I'd suggest white, silver, or grey. Black on red sounds good, but it's not easy to read from a distance unless you have pretty large letters, even then, a white outline would make it pop a lot more. Something else to keep in mind would be color blindness. Red/Green is a common one so you wouldn't want to use Green on your red truck, aside from that color combo being hard to read in general, there would be some people that wouldn't be able to see it at all.
  7. darcshadow


    Not that any of us need another hobby project but I've gotten into powder coating and my wife asked me to powder coat a Yeti Rambler. To damn expensive to practice on so I bought a cheap knock off from Walmart and gave it a go. Using the vinyl cutter I cut the designs the used it as a stencil for the powder, layered down a black design, then went back and put a candy pink over the entire glass. Not perfect, but turned out well and I'm sure the next one will go a little better.
  8. darcshadow


    Saw a photo the other day of an RTIC cup with an Ozark trail bottom, further proof that they are made in the same factory.
  9. darcshadow


    This was my first one, start to finish including setup and cleanup, probably about 2 hours. Could get it down to maybe 45min per if doing the same design and color on several cups.
  10. FYI, you don't have a parallel port, it is a serial port.
  11. darcshadow

    Custom Vehicle Templates

    I don't do this type of work, but what you are describing sounds like the perfect fit for the knife less finish line cutting tape. There have been post on here in the past about it and there are some videos of it's use someplace. Some pretty neat stuff. To get a cutter to cut something to exactly fit a hood or what ever and then apply it perfectly, is going to be near impossible.
  12. This guy is either the craziest guy in the world or one of the bravest. http://www.tvguide.com/news/watch-heaven-sent-luke-aikins-airplane-jump-video/
  13. darcshadow

    VinylMaster Cut inverts trace image

    I think there may be some terminology confusion as well. You say you vector it, and then trace it? If it's vectored there is no need to trace. Tracing is used to take a raster image and turn it into a vector image.
  14. Not sure what it's called in VM but there should be a punch through tool, or difference tool, or something like that to subtract the top shape from the bottom shape leaving you the outline you desire. Be aware though, it is extremely difficult to get an outline like you're wanting to line up perfectly when you install the decal. Layering the decal would be the easier, and pretty standard way of achieving the look.
  15. darcshadow

    Help Identifying This Font

    Looks like Ornitons TS-Heavy
  16. By adjust settings, are you talking about force, speed, and position, or something else? I don't think I've ever touched the reset button but the speed and force is the standard "ready to cut" screen. The reset button resets the baud rate, clears the memory, move the carriage to the right most position. If you are in the setup screens, To exit from them, you hit the setup button again. If Make the Cut isn't working that's something else. Have you tried a different cut software, there are several that offer free trials, and Signblazer is free, there are links on the forums to the location to download a copy.
  17. darcshadow

    Tire Decal Material Help!

    Two years is ok, but how many miles were put on it? I've never had a sport bike tire last two years, at least not a rear tire anyway.
  18. darcshadow


    Don't have SB in front of me, but I think you just do a save as and select the EPS option.
  19. darcshadow

    My MH cutter not recognizing USB

    Pretty sure on the web page for the MH cutters it states they are not mac compatible.
  20. darcshadow

    New Forum Feedback

    Nice! But that dot is not there on Unread Content page.
  21. darcshadow

    .ve file assistance needed

    All the colors in that eps are objects and you will simply need to do a cut by color. Although it is building everything on top of the black, so the letters inside the stripes will be a pain. Would be easier to make the stripes and star field solid then add the black letters on top.
  22. darcshadow

    Just gonna Rant

    Next time you go out shooting, have some drinks and snacks standing by for the officer that shows up this time.
  23. darcshadow

    New Forum Feedback

    One thing I'd suggest altering, the USCutter logo at the top, rather than have the link take you to the forum home page, I'd have it take you to the USCutter web page. I never understood why so many company forums don't have links back to their main webpage.
  24. darcshadow

    Typing Vertically

    Inkscape, which is a free program can do this. Create your design there then copy to SB and cut.
  25. darcshadow

    Pokemon Go Team Logos

    Don't know about that. This type of game has been around for about 10 years. This is the first one to hit big though and that's just because Pokémon has such a big following already.