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  1. darcshadow

    Vinyl loses adhesiveness during winter ?

    If you consider 27C (80F) cold, what do you call hot? Why did you removing the backpaper?
  2. darcshadow

    Disco Ball

    Just curious, why did you make the main circle in 4 parts?
  3. darcshadow

    curious to know

    Looks like camera flash to me. I'm no English major, but shouldn't it read "Trucker is" home? "Trucker's home" is saying the trucker possesses the home.
  4. darcshadow

    Arching Logo for Curved Glass

    What you're looking for is the truncated cone template. A quick google search will get you the answers you're looking for.
  5. darcshadow

    Matte clear over reflective vinyl

    The reflective stuff has a metallic backing so trying to lay clear over it before cutting will probably be pushing the limits of your cutter, but trying out a small sample shouldn't cause any problems. I've never tried laying matte over reflective, but I don't see any reason why it wouldn't work. So long as light will pass through the matte layer the reflective layer will bounce it back. Might be slightly dimmer than usual but I doubt you'd notice it.
  6. darcshadow

    American Flag

    You mean like the one on Wikipedia?
  7. darcshadow

    Jagged lines in font when blown up - help!

    I believe SignBlazer will work with your cutter. Do a search on here, there are several links to downloads of it. But since the EPS file you posted has the straight lines rather than curves, it's not the cutter program that is the problem. It is your conversion from AI to EPS. When you save the file as an EPS, is there any option about converting text to paths? If so, try turning that off.
  8. Does your software have an over cut option? I've seen reference to some software on here, basically when cutting a path it instructs the machine to go slightly past the start point when it comes around so that there is a bit of an overlap on the start/stop point.
  9. darcshadow

    Jagged lines in font when blown up - help!

    I'm not familiar with AI but when you save the file as an EPS, is the lettering being saved as a font, or as a path? I suspect it's being saved as a path, and if so I would assume there is a setting someplace to improved the font to path conversion, or just keep it as a font. If you could post the eps, and the ai version of the file I'm sure someone here can point to what needs to be done.
  10. darcshadow

    Cutting large images in two

    There is also a cut path option that can be used. Just draw a line through your design, select the line and the design then select Cut Path from the Path menu. This method will break the design apart so that's kind of weird. You could also use the division tool, which does about the same thing as the cut path. Skarekrow's method would be easier/better for a complex design. One step I'd change in his procedures, rather than moving the box after duplicating it, leave it and use the difference tool, and then the intersection tool. That way you don't have to worry about getting your shape lined up exactly.
  11. darcshadow

    Font ID Help

    I've tried a couple of the online font ID web pages with no luck. I'm guessing it's been customized but I just need something close. Wife bought some drink bottles and wants me to add our names to them. *note, the image is an edited version of a photo of the words that were on the bottle so there is some distortion. The E's for example should be the same. Also of note, on the bottle the word Mouse is slightly bolder than the word Mickey.
  12. darcshadow

    Font ID Help

    Thanks, I should be able to make something close using those fonts.
  13. darcshadow

    When Somebody Has Time

    Here you go, but of the 3 images on the page, one of them is a raster. drawing.eps
  14. I don't use this software so perhaps I'm missing something, but if you can't get the plotter to cut they way you want, couldn't you just rotate your design 90 degrees? I do it all the time in SB. My designs are all kinds of twist and turned to get them to all fit using as little vinyl as possible.
  15. darcshadow

    keyspan and windows 8.1

    Why? The only think you need to take care of is static discharge. With the computer plugged in and grounded, if you simply touch the metal frame of the case while you pickup and install the card you will be safe.
  16. darcshadow

    keyspan and windows 8.1

    Adding a card shouldn't effect warranty.
  17. darcshadow

    keyspan and windows 8.1

    You could always buy a PCI serial expansion card for the computer, Newegg.com has one that works with Win8.1 for about $20.
  18. darcshadow

    can someone help me vectorize this

    ah Halloween, remember back in the day when we made our costumes.
  19. darcshadow

    can someone help me vectorize this

    na, it's ok, I knew what it was after taking a close look.
  20. darcshadow

    Charging for file conversions?

    I agree $20 is too low, but $80 per hour for your time seems a bit high to me.
  21. darcshadow

    InkCut for windows

    If you're wanting free, download SignBlazer and use it for your cutting needs.
  22. darcshadow

    MH-871-MK2 Acting Up

    With it starting to cut when you turn it on while connected to the computer then that would indicate that the printer spool on the computer still have the job queued and is sending to the plotter as soon as you turn it on. My understanding is the onboard memory of the plotter is whipped when it is turned off so the only way the plotter can plot that image when first turning on is if it is coming from the computer.
  23. darcshadow

    Best font for web addresses

    How about Highway Gothic. Good enough for road signs all over the world, should be good enough for a web address. As for hating to weed white, have you tried the white that has the blue liner?
  24. darcshadow

    Need help with new AI file

    FYI, I was able to open the original .eps with Inkscape.