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    How to make this or what's it called?

    That's what I was thinking, but I'd like to make the pattern. Seems to be just some multi color gradients I guess, just not sure how to do that in Inkscape or if it's worth the hassle.
  2. darcshadow

    MHMK2 Jagged cuts

    You might have multiple issues, looks like one is offset at the very least. What does the machine test look like? Just load some vinyl and hit the test button on the cutter.
  3. Most programs can do it but you will need to do a little math. You simply need to distort an image on a curve, the trick is figuring out the size of said curve. Here is an earlier thread talking about doing just that.
  4. darcshadow

    AI or Inkscape plugin compatible cutters

    I got thinking this morning, AI allows for users to create scripts. And since a real cutting program is needed that a plug-in can link to, a user could simply create their own script to save the file off as a temp.eps some place then have the script open the temp.eps with the cutting program. It's a fair bit of work/research to figure out how to write a script to do this and save you basically 2 steps, but it would give the illusion of doing everything from AI.
  5. I believe that is just Tripp-Lite's version of the adapter cable you already have. It might work, but again, it's a parallel port and few, if any, of us here have experience with getting such an adapter to work or running a plotter via the parallel port. In theory, you should be able to buy that cable, install any drivers associated with it and you should have a new LPT port on your computer that you can then use in your software. My recomendation would be these two item: Tripp-Lite USB-2-Serial - https://www.tripplite.com/usb-serial-adapter-cable-usb-a-db9-male-male-5-ft~U209000R 25 to 9 pin Null Modem Cable - https://www.amazon.com/StarTech-com-Cross-Wired-Serial-Modem/dp/B00066HL50/ref=sr_1_3?dchild=1&keywords=25+to+9+pin+null+modem+cable&qid=1601917797&sr=8-3 Note: I'm making the assumption you need a null modem cable. If it turns out you need a straight cable, this would be the one you'd want https://www.amazon.com/Your-Cable-Store-Female-Serial/dp/B002I9XYCC/ref=sr_1_3?dchild=1&keywords=25+to+9+pin+serial+cable&qid=1601917952&sr=8-3
  6. darcshadow

    AI or Inkscape plugin compatible cutters

    Well it's true, in theory you can do everything from AI, although I am not finding a generic plotter plugin like what Inkscape has, which I would think would be pretty easy to make. I did find plugs for other programs like Cut Master 4. So it would seem if they are determined to us AI, they will still have to buy some sort of cutting program in order to get a plugin.
  7. You have some stray nodes or something. Look at your design in wire frame, and/or node edit mode to find the stray nodes. if you still can't find the node, draw a box around what you want to keep then select all and from the welding tools menu select Intersect. That should delete anything not inside the box you just drew.
  8. No, Com1 would be a serial port connection, you are trying to use the parallel port connection, which none of us have any experience with it appears. Your plotter uses a 25 pin serial port, nothing special about it, they were common back in the day. 9 pin is the standard now but you can easily find adapters to go from 9 to 25, or even a cable that is 9 on one end and 25 on the other. My suggestion would be to get the tripp-lite adapter, figure out if you need a straight cable or a null modem cable, probably null modem, then buy the cable with 9 pin on one end and 25 on the other, or a standard 9pin cable and a 9-to-25 adapter
  9. ok, what you did there was add a TCP/IP address as a printer port. This would be used if you had a printer on a network. So what you did, won't hurt anything, but it doesn't help either. Are you sure you installed the driver for the UTP? The drivers haumana found for you are the comm ports and I don't believe are the drivers you need for the parallel port. don't click the add port, you just click the check box on the port you want to use and then click ok. if you expand the first column out so you can see the full name, what are the full names, also expand out the description, what is the full description?
  10. Also, have you tried running Flexi again, and do you still get that error about communicating with Production Manager?
  11. Ok, I suspect now that you do not have the driver for the USB-2-Parallel adapter installed. Does the adapter have any markings on it other than what is in the photo you posted? Also, in one of your early post you said you had a problem on the LPT1 port but that went away when you put in an IP address. Where did you put an IP address in?
  12. Something just occurred to me, you are using the parallel port on the plotter but we're trying to use the comm port in the software, that's not going to work. In your device manager, you have two Digi RealPort entries and a Printer Port, which ones disappear when you unplug your USB adapter cable?
  13. No, I just think this portion was an unnecessary step. If it still doesn't work, you can try going in and changing it to comm1, but I'd continue on with installing Flexi and trying it out first.
  14. That installed it as a printer which it's not so I don't really know why it let you install it like that anyway. Also, while you have an LPT1 port appear in your device manager, you do not actually have a LPT1 port that you can access. You've got your cutter connected via a serial port so you should have selected Comm 1 or what ever it is on. Again, this part of the install I don't believe matters because it's not a printer.
  15. If that's the case that would explain the error you were getting last. Sounds like something in the program got corrupted and confused the computer. Hopefully reinstalling will fix that issue.
  16. Step 4 could be part of the problem as well. You have your adapter plugged directly into the plotter. I don't know about parallel adapter cables, but I know serial adapter cables will not work like that.
  17. You might try running Flexi as an admin. If logged in as an admin I don't remember ever having to do that, but I know in Windows 10 even if logged in as an admin, you still need to select run as admin some times. Worth a shot anyway. If that or safe mode doesn't work, I'd try uninstalling and reinstalling Flexi. As for the LPT1 port, that would be what you would select if your computer had a parallel port and you had the cutter plugged directly into that port. It looks like there is a DB9 serial port on your plotter in that photo and you're running Windows XP, so I assume it's an older PC, any chance it actually has a serial port? If using the DB9 serial comm port would be an option and you wouldn't need any adapters, just the cable.
  18. That baud rate is low but the key is matching the baud rate on the machine to the baud rate in the software. The default setting for my MHs was 9600 but I've seen reports on here of others being 4800, just have to check the machine to be sure.
  19. darcshadow

    AI or Inkscape plugin compatible cutters

    That's more a software thing then a cutter thing. You can cut directly from Inkscape, you just have to set the comms setup and the plotter has to use either the HPGL or DMPL language, which most do.
  20. What I do, is with the roll sitting on the stand rollers I put the end of the vinyl in the machine then hold it with one hand and roll the roll with the other taking out the slack. This usually squares it up pretty good, then just put the clamps down, unroll what will be needed for the cut and hit go.
  21. Load the vinyl then manually advance it the length you will need.
  22. darcshadow

    Problem with cut in MH721-MK2

    You calibrate the software to the cutter. For example, the software tells the plotter to move 1 inch, the plotter moves 1.1 inches. so the software needs to be adjusted to account for that extra 10% travel. Could just be the photo, but those squares look slightly taller than wide to me.
  23. darcshadow

    Vinyl Express Cutter RII series

    yeah, that's true, solenoid being wired "backwards" wouldn't actually effect anything. The signal going to the solenoid is inverted, that could be driver, software, or motherboard issue.
  24. darcshadow

    Issue with Signblazer 6.0 and Redsail Vinyl plotter

    Is it cutting random, or is it cutting exactly the same every time for a given design. If it's cutting exactly what you have in the image above then your problem is that it's not lifting the blade when cutting and you likely have a fried Z-chip.
  25. darcshadow

    Tapered glasses and stuff

    You have to account for two distortions, and the image will always look a little off if you're not looking at it exactly straight on. First you need to account for the curve of the glass. Since glass is an inverted truncated cone use the diameter of the cup about where the middle of the design would be. Easiest way to do that would be to take a string and wrap it around the cup where the design will be, that will get you the circumference. Divide that number by Pi, 3.14, to get the Diameter to use in the equation below. H = h/w*D*sin(w/D) h - height of image w - width of image D - diameter of cup H - new height for image And here is a discussion on how to account for the tapered shape of the glass which includes a spreadsheet to do the math so you can create a template. Even with all this, there's still can be a bit of experimentation to get the design perfect but I've been pretty pleased with my results.