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  1. If you watch the machine closely, you'll like see it's not cutting each shape seven times but rather the lines where the various colors meet is being cut multiple times. I do not know of any way to quickly get rid of the over lapping lines. It will require a good bit of welding, punching, and node editing to get the desired results.
  2. Graphtec Question

    Inkscape is a decent design program. It is free, but like a lot of free software, can be a bit clunky at times, but it's pretty powerful and can be a great learning tool before buying something though.
  3. Cuts being off on designs

    Yeah, missed the Mac thing. Still though there are various free trials of programs that could be tried before completely giving up on the cutter. Inkscape can also be configured to cut, although it's not as straight forward as most would like.
  4. looking for laser etcher on here for glass

    You might also look into finding a maker's space that has a laser you can use. They seem to be popping up quite often these days.
  5. Cuts being off on designs

    That kind of sounds like a software problem to me. Before you give up on the machine I'd try a different cutting software and see what happens. Signblazer is free, I"d download it and give it a try to see what happens.
  6. Cutting issue CE6000

    Do you have those instructions saved off some place and just copy and paste them here? Those instructions should just be at the top of the forums on every page. ha!
  7. MH is down, Ioline killing me.

    Signblazer does not control pressure so the problem would be the cutter itself and/or the blade depth.
  8. yes. WIth MH cutters it's also recommend you cycle power to clear the memory. I have a MH and I personally have not had to do that but others have reported that they do.
  9. heat press

    Are you using Heat Transfer Vinyl?
  10. How do YOU charge for vinyl Graphics

    I just do this as a hobby, but for the most part I don't think in terms of cost per quantity of vinyl used. I think in terms of time. If something takes me an hour to do vs something that takes 15 min. I'm going to charge more for the hour one even though it maybe smaller than the one that takes 15min. I will admit though, customers don't think this way. They think the bigger something is, the more it will cost, when in reality, bigger items are often times cheaper to produce in terms of time, and time is the real cost of vinyl decals.
  11. Affordable Matte Vinyl

    Oracal 631 vinyl is matte, intended for inside walls. Don't know if you can write on it or not, never tried.
  12. Any help please!

    I do not, and actually I was recalling old post that after thinking about it I believe were talking about the MH or SC cutters. Someone else might be able to shed some light of the possibility of replacing the z-axis chip on a titan.
  13. Any help please!

    That sounds like the z-axis chip has gone bad. I believe you can replace just the chip for a buck or two, as long as you are comfortable with soldering.
  14. What software are you using, and have you tried something different. The fact that it picks up for the individual letters but then drags to the next word seems like a software issue to me.
  15. MH 365 - MK2 Cutter Problem! Help!

    Might be a loose connector inside some place. Just guessing at this point though.