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  1. forsalevinylsigns


    Hey everyone! Was wondering if you guys offer your customers some sort of disclaimer on invoice or in person about not bein responsible for weather damage(peeling, fading) vandalism, etc on stickers, banners, signs. I was thinking of adding something on the bottom of the invoice of not being responsible for any damages done outside my control. I was also looking to add something about accepting proofs verbally or written and order will be printed as is,etc. Do you guys have any ideas? Thanks!
  2. forsalevinylsigns

    advice needed

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if i could get someones point of view on a job i just did. I just did a full color perforated film on a rear windshield of a ford f150 truck. I did a wet installation just like other perf jobs i ve done in the past. While installing the perf, the customer did not expect the color to be duller(which i explained before printing it) A week later, the customer brought the truck because the corners were peeling off on both sides. Ive seen jobs ive installed in march and they dont look like this one that i just installed a week ago. The customer sounded really iritated to the point where she started cussing the job though.I know theres a possibility i did something wrong and theres another possibility she didnt like the way it turned out and shes peeling the perforated film herself. What would be the best thing to do? redo the perforated or return $110 i charged or redo the job in vinyl lettering(which she wants) and charge her for the cost of my vinyl or redo the vinyl lettering at no cost to her or try n fix the corners with adhesive Any help is appreciated guys!!!! Thanks!!!
  3. forsalevinylsigns

    charging for 36 feet of cut stickers

    Thanks for the reply guys. I only have a 15'' cujtter, thats why I only cut in 15'' rolls. Im using Oracal 651 white. times are tough and competition is tough(especially where im located), What do you guys think would be a reasonable price to charge in either scenario? II have the inventory to do it, its just i would like to be cost effective on my part that way i can pass the saving onto the customer. Like Gripy says, customer can turn around and get it done some where else. I put the letter tight but theres probably a one inch gap between them, which i would cut and each word would install seperately. How much would you guys charge for the whole piece? Thanks
  4. forsalevinylsigns

    Graphic and Lettering Proportions?

    Theres a technique to make the graphics proportional to the truck. When your taking a picture of the truck, take the best picture you can by trying to get the whole truck in the picture and at the truck level. Take a measurement of the door, lets just say the door measured 40''. Once you take the picture into your program, make a 40'' square and try to size up the truck picture big enought so the truck door matches the exact same size as the 40'' square, now every graphic you place on that picture will be at size. JM2cents.
  5. forsalevinylsigns

    charging for 36 feet of cut stickers

    Hi everyone! I have a customer who wants to get some lettering that he will install. I only cut 15inch rolls. The lettering is going to be 8'' tall and 36 feet long, since i only have a 15 inch roll, im going to have an excess of 7'' roll that i will save for later use. What price are you guys at? (I attached a picture, the top roll is 36 feet long. If i do the lettering at 6.5'' tall, i can place them together in the 15'' and cut down the length to 15 feet in length and I wouldnt have any excess material that I would have to save for late use.... How much would u guys charge in either situation? Any help is appreciated!! Thanks!
  6. forsalevinylsigns


    Hi guys, im currently looking for a smart phone to use for sending proofs, keeping up to date on customer emails,etc. The majority of the proofs I send are over email, i rarely print it out proofs and take them to a customer. Whould it be possible to design something on my pc in corel draw export the image on my pc then and email it through a smartphone? Would it aslo be possible to email corel draw files through a smartphone? What phones are you guys using these days? Im still using an old boost mobile phone which takes FOREVER just to read or send a text message, lol!!! thanks!
  7. forsalevinylsigns

    50% deposit etc

    Hi! Everytime i meet with a customer, they expect me to do the job then they will pay me. the way I work is 50% deposit and the rest once the job is done. What do you guys think would be a good phrase to place on the back of a business card? 50% deposit Required" In big bold red letters, lol? Or 50% deposit Required on all work?
  8. forsalevinylsigns

    chevy tahoe drawing

    hello guys! Im looking for a chevy tahoe cartoonish drawing or line art drawing, anyone know where i can find one? Im looking for a tahoe in an outline type of thing like the orance gounty choppers/picture below. this is for a vinyl sticker that will go on the back a tahoe, figures,lol. Any help is appreciated!!!
  9. forsalevinylsigns

    Thank you Mexico!

    just found out my competitioon from mexico is selling 4x8 foot digital banners for 35 bucks, with grommets, design included, and free delivery!!! hahahaha I love life
  10. forsalevinylsigns

    Help me identify?

    Thanks! I just got off the phone with them, theyre pretty far away from were i am and shipping is gonna be a little pricey. Beside Lexan, what do you guys think would be the best substrate for full color drive thru signs? Ive heard of people use acrylic...
  11. forsalevinylsigns

    Help me identify?

    thanks for the reply Dan!!! What material would you recomend for printing for this? I found translucent vinyl and clear..... thanks!
  12. forsalevinylsigns

    Embroidery image format

    I think the highest resolution. I may be wrong, but depending what program the embroidery shop has, i think vector format would be better because there are some programs that automatically digitize a vector logo or a jpeg. Some programs have like a corel draw embroidery plug in, never used it though. so i guess it just depends on the shop, they would usually digitize the artwork for a fee.
  13. forsalevinylsigns

    Help me identify?

    Hi guys! Im looking to identify the material in the is menu(link below) I know it has regular cut vinyl over it, but the material the vinyl is on, maybe its acrylic? Thank you!
  14. Hi guys! What would you guys charge on 1 18x18 corplast sign, 1 side 3-4 colors. Its mainly blue text, but it has one line black lines and a line of orange and a some very little yellow for a very small part of a logo... Thanks! Would $30 be reasonable?
  15. forsalevinylsigns

    Graptech repair

    Hello everyone, anyone know of any places who repair graptecs? I got a broken down graptec for over year now(video below) I found the plotter doctor here in california,but Im 5 hours away from them and they close at 3 a clock in the afternoon and they cant quote me the machine same day, I would have to leave it for some time so they can tell me how much its gonna cost, since im far, i would rather leave it so it gets repaired. Im in the middle of buying a 24'' graptec for $1000, I think its better if I just put those 1k into the repair of this cutter and I would have a 54'' cutter instead of a 24'' :-\ :-\ ....