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  1. SignTorch

    Redsail RS720C jagged some edges

    yep - that's a peculiar problem - on the bright side it looks like the plotter cuts good even while making all those zigzags
  2. SignTorch

    Redsail RS720C jagged some edges

    yes, the vectors look ok - that's probably a hardware issue - if there is a way to correct the trajectory like that, I wouldn't know where to look - or what to do...
  3. SignTorch

    Redsail RS720C jagged some edges

    what if you just cut a circle and square ? - by that picture it looks like the machine is zigzagging on angles - X and Y is not moving at a steady rate simultaneously - bad control board or faulty motor calibration if it doesn't do that on other designs then it could be really bad vector art
  4. SignTorch

    Help please if possible

    I can take a paypal donation - if that's what you mean - thanks in advance...
  5. SignTorch

    Please pleas please help me

    not enough time to do all the glass - basically all I did was draw a bunch of rectangles and lines (and a few curves) in corel draw - then combine them - then contour them to the outside and then to the inside - to give them some thickness and join them all together
  6. SignTorch

    Please pleas please help me

    here's the church -
  7. SignTorch

    Help please if possible
  8. SignTorch

    Just spoolin around.

  9. SignTorch

    need a little help

    thanks to symmetry - only had to draw 1/2 of 1/8th (more or less) ...
  10. SignTorch

    Help please if possible

    here's the tree emblem....
  11. SignTorch

    Pizza Guy

    Thanks - Hi everybody - I always start by creating a nice new drawing in photoshop with a pen on a cintiq - like in this vid - my elbow can just draw things like that somehow - I don't think very far ahead in this case the face was not legible so first step was to get that sorted - then it was all downhill from there - once I get a clean image - then I can do a clean raster to vector conversion - then I use corel to finish up the vectors, add borders, etc... I never use raster to vector software without first drawing a very clean and sharp image to work with
  12. SignTorch

    Help converting to Vector

  13. SignTorch

    Pizza Guy

    pizza - pizza
  14. SignTorch

    need help!!! looking for fancy vines!

    maybe this...
  15. SignTorch

    Legal Question

    I recently became aware that there is such a thing as a design trademark, as used by Glock firearms, to cover the shape of their handguns search "glock design trademark" as for how forcefully that could be applied like copyright to artwork that resembles the shape is a grey area, I personally doubt it can be applied to "similar" non-competing artwork but if they wish to litigate the issue, that could be a very expensive argument to try to win normally, a design trademark is very specific such that only some small portion of a similar shape would be at issue such that they should have a very specific complaint as to how the artwork overlaps the trademark if not, write back, "your complaint is ambiguous, please clarify, meanwhile no action will be taken" do not dismiss it or "wait for a court order" or "call their lawyer", that would be risky if they are not bluffing, and not a good way to handle a potential legal issue, it's best to confer in writing and stay focused on facts. based on your description it is hard to imagine a "private seller" having a "trademark" infringed by an image of a weapon sending a C&D with any merit, but I'm speculating...