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  1. JennD26

    Wall App

    Brad, Wall Decal designer here. Use Oracal 631 as it is a removable adhesive and 651 is a permanent adhesive (You can still use it but I suggest using a hair dryer during removal). Any hightack/medium tack tape will work.
  2. I have a Graphtec CE6000, have had it for a year now. AMAZING Machine! Love Love LOVE it. However, I have expanded my business and recently gotten into printed decals. I am using Cutting Master 3, and Adobe Illustrator, I add the registration marks in illustrator and then transfer over to cutting master. (Color layer is turned off, just cut lines exposed) Here's the issue, The registration marks have to be inside 21" of the paper, or you can absolutely forget about it reading them. Whenever I try to get it to read, it has to attempt 3-10 times before it even decides that it will detect it. Aside from that, I am having several issues with the blade pressure on it. I have used this machine to cut thousands and decals in the past, never an issue. Now with the printed decals, I can cut out one decal, and it will cut through the fabric vinyl, and even the backing on one decal, but only in certain places, other places will have spots in which it doesn't cut clearly and I have to cut by hand. (I don't adjust it becasue Hey! At least it cut!...partially anyway) and the very next decal it won't even make a clean cut in any spot. This is where I am completely puzzled, I have been doing this for around two years, and if there is an issue 99% of the time it is a setting on the machine, or operator error. But how can it cut so inconsistantly without me even adjusting the blade? Am I doing something wrong here, or does this machine just have a faulty ARMS system? (When I cut regular decals through sign cut, not one single problem!)
  3. JennD26

    Trying to decide on a cutter

    Thanks guys! Whatever I get I only need the 24" cutting space. It seems all units are pretty comparable. We do probably 15-20 decals a day on her machine, maybe more for higher volume. We were hoping to wait until January because then we could get a graphtec, but her machine is barely hanging in there.
  4. I started out with am Mh-721 for myself and my mother. Mine only lasted about 3 months, and then I purchased a Zencut which I absolutely love. My mom has had her MH-721 for about 6 months and hers is now starting to mess up. She is ready to replace hers but only has a budget of around $500. We were looking at the Laser Point II. She is using this for Wall decals, and that's about it. Any recommendations?
  5. I usually use Inkscape but my OTF font was not showing up at all, so I made a design in Illustrator. All text with some text glyphs. The file would not show the glyphs when saved with anything other than EPS. I have to save it as an EPS under Illustrator 8, anything newer and it doesn't show up. When it does show up only some of the text is shown. I tried grouping the two texts together, and that didn't work. It's like the other text isn't even there.
  6. JennD26

    A decal I made for my sons room

    Thanks guys! No we live in Arlington even though he is an officer in Ft. Worth. We chose not to live where he works for safety reasons.
  7. My husband is a police officer in Fort Worth, and of course our son is crazy about popo daddy. So I made a decal for his room:
  8. JennD26

    Buying new machine! Need help deciding!

    Thank you all for your insight! I went for the $999 24" Zen cutter, since it had the servo, I really think this is the best I can do at the moment! I'm super excited to get it. I do plan on purchasing a Graphtec in about 6 months, this way I can have 2 machines running and stay caught up a lot easier. USCutter was out of stock of the stands for the Zen Cutter but I'm hoping it will fit in the stand for my MH-721 since they are the same size.
  9. JennD26

    Buying new machine! Need help deciding!

    I noticed the difference between those two is that the copam doesn't have a servo motor, where the zencut does. What is the difference in this besides noise level? I definitely want the best for my money, and I need a machine that can make fairly detailed cuts
  10. JennD26

    Buying new machine! Need help deciding!

    I use mine for 100-150 orders a week. USCutter has told me that it won't last much longer and will end up losing the motherboard. They said there's a lot of static buildup, and these machines have TONS of issues. They said it's a hobby cutter and not designed for any type of production use, and that's why I should replace.
  11. JennD26

    Buying new machine! Need help deciding!

    That was my exact thought. Thanks everyone for the input! Unfortunately I don't have the funds for a $1700 Graphtec, so it's looking like the only affordable option is a CoPam. Does anyone have any advice about this machine? I'll probably end up buying a Graphtec in about 6 months, when I have a chance to save up. Until then I need to find a solution before this MH-721 bites the dust.
  12. JennD26

    Buying new machine! Need help deciding! Yes, with $95 shipping, it ships from Indonesia? If it's legit, I'd buy it in a second, but I'm concerned it's either refurbished or does not include manufacturer warranty?
  13. JennD26

    Buying new machine! Need help deciding!

    I found a Graphtec FC8000-60 (24") online for $1129. I thought this was a $3,000 machine?
  14. I am running a wall decal business using Oracal 631. When I first started I bought a MH-721 I was told this would be a good starter unit for a business. Now after 7 weeks with all sorts of problems (static buildup, etc) the machine is about to bite the dust, apparently it's not a great starter unit but only a hobby machine. I was told by USCutter that a CoPam would be a great machine, but I'm wanting other opinions. I fulfill about 100-150 orders a week, My price range is about $1200. Any opinions? Thanks in advance!
  15. JennD26

    Cow vector?

    Thanks a bunch guys! This will do perfect!