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  1. more info for guys having problems. If I leave machine running while I am setting up image to cut, when I send image to cutter nothing happens. I turn power off to plotter for 10 to 15 seconds, turn back on, send image to cutter, and it cuts instantly, go figure.
  2. Thanks guys, I hope I don't have to bug y'all again. Have a great long weekend, over and out.
  3. Went back to cadworx, fiddled around, lo and behold the cutting gods rescued me. YES!!!! I cut out to of my old artwork images. Please don't ask me how I did it, I had to rasterise one image, but the next one I just wireframed it , sent it to vector cut , and it cut perfectly. I guess somebody up there likes me.
  4. Thanks guys, I/ll try the inkscape route, will let you know how I get on. I really appreciate the help all you guys an gals have given me.
  5. Thanks Mike, I think I'll forget my old work, and start anew in blazer. Next question, how do I import new images into blazer?
  6. maybe I should forget my old images,and start over in blazer?
  7. I don't know if earlier software will work with windows 10 anyway.
  8. Thanks Mike, I cut these files back around 4 or5 years ago. I cut them on a different computer that had cadworx vector cut early edition software from around 2007- 8., just b4 Jerry passed. I am on different computer, and cannot find download of early software.
  9. OK, back All my images are PNG ,how do I change them to be accepted by blazer.
  10. Hi, can someone tell me if my plotter is HPGL capable? If not is there a driver I can download to make it universal HPGL? Any advice will be appreciated. duke.
  11. Thanks darcshadow, I'll check preview option. and try cut & paste. ln cadworx I didn't have to import anything manually, I just hit import and it brings all images onto screen from my computor.
  12. Cadworx software imports my images immediately, I have cut them all b4, so I would say they are vectorized, do you agree? Problem is cadworx won't send to plotter.
  13. YES, but how do I get vectorized items into that window? Haumana, I really appreciate your help, thank you.