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  1. MooreEmergency

    Looking for something close....

    Looking for something close to this font. Customer likes the font for his design. Thanks
  2. MooreEmergency

    Need a close match

    Awesome Thanks Mark
  3. MooreEmergency

    Need a close match

    Looking for something like this. Thanks, Kevin
  4. MooreEmergency

    They broke into our shop...

    Sorry to hear this sue. This is something I worry about some times. We had a rash of break ins in town but they eventually arrested the suspect luckily.
  5. MooreEmergency

    Where do you get your garments?

    Heritage Sportwear/ Virginia Ts. Only about 45 mins to the warehouse if i get in a bind.
  6. MooreEmergency

    Hello From VA!!

    Ditto the what part. Welcome
  7. MooreEmergency

    Sad day for Mad Hatter

    Sorry to hear of your loss.
  8. MooreEmergency

    How many shirts you have on hand?

    I have done the same as SeeJay and now, a little over a year later, I have between 100 and 150 in stock. All different sizes and colors. I have them on a display out front so people can look through them or I can show them an entire shirt not just a swatch.
  9. MooreEmergency

    Heat Pressing Oxford

    Maybe someone can help me out. I have a customer looking to have a few drawstring bags pressed. I have found a bag made out of oxford and am trying to figure out if it is pressable with standard easyweed. I was trying to stay away from a nylon bag so I did not have to order a whole roll of extra for 7 bags. Thanks Kevin
  10. MooreEmergency

    Hotronix dual station heat press

    With a 6K price tag. That's A LOT of shirts. haha
  11. MooreEmergency

    Font help????

    Thanks grabbed it.
  12. MooreEmergency

    chevron pattern

    Thanks Dawn. Grabbed a copy
  13. MooreEmergency

    looking to vector this

    This is what I was able to do real quick. Hope this helps Forum.eps
  14. MooreEmergency

    So How Old Are You Really?

    So far still the youngest at 23. I would to thank all of you that have served or are serving our county. I am a full time firefighter/ medic and my wife runs the vinyl shop when I am working.
  15. MooreEmergency

    Need Font Help

    Thanks Scarecrow