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  1. With the mass amount of spammers registering and flooding the forums with posts, maybe the registration process needs to be changed. Require approval? Or something to stop these idiots.
  2. haulin

    Recent Truck

    Very nice.
  3. haulin

    Handled. Thanks.

    Private matter. I believe Troy got it handled. Thank you for the response.
  4. haulin

    Handled. Thanks.

    I really NEED to hear from him. Troy states he out of the shop and won't return his calls or messages either.
  5. haulin

    Handled. Thanks.

    Been trying to get a hold of him since the middle of last week. No phone, email, facebook, or PM on here.
  6. Look at it this way, $8-10 in materials and maybe 2.5 hours total time production and install. If you could so the exact same and work only 30 hours a week, you would make 134,000 in a year after material costs. Not bad for a one man show.
  7. haulin

    My first succesfull work! (finnaly not)

    Thankfully I don't currently drive a Chevy, and besides I use duct tape instead of vinyl
  8. Cost wise, it's what maybe $8 worth of vinyl and mask? Maybe 3 hours of work. Sounds ok for a home hobby type business.
  9. haulin

    My first succesfull work! (finnaly not)

    It was the vinyl just saying get me off this Taurus
  10. haulin

    Biggest Weed to date

    Bet your eyes were crossed by time you were done, nice job!
  11. haulin

    Long time looker, first time poster

    I have a wide format Epson desktop printer that I put a continues ink system on that I tried. It's the type of ink that they use that is the issue. The Epson uses pigment ink and while I have found vinyl to print on and the proper laminate if it get exposed to water it seeps in between and causes an issue. For indoor use it does work fine though.
  12. haulin

    I need your vote

    Got my vote.
  13. haulin

    Long time looker, first time poster

    The cost of a printer makes "part time or hobbyist" tough. I tossed around the idea of a Roland BN-20 to do decals, stickers, small printed signs, etc but it's still a $9000 investment. After a bunch of homework and all the pro's and con's I just bought a Roland PC600. It may not be fast, it may not be the most cost effective method, but for the money it get's me started in the world of print. Plus I have a good local source to outsource larger printed jobs and they are very affordable.
  14. Either use tiling or if the text is less than 24" wide and you can break it up, rotate it and take advantage of the roll length.