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  1. PrinterCutter

    EZ-Up Tents and Flags

    Killer job on the tent I always wanted try that on my tent but was afraid it would melt in the heat press,because it isn't as heavy as a real ez up.
  2. PrinterCutter

    Dale Sr. Vector

    That is some nice work even the goodwrench on the hat
  3. PrinterCutter

    Preparing for WAR!

    nice job on the printing.I liked on how you used that pit claw giving away all the shirts,or is it a job from someone?
  4. if you make it a mono bitmap and import it into SB it will vectorize it for you
  5. PrinterCutter

    screen press opinion

    neither one of those has micros but if you are only going to do 1 color you don't need them but if you are going to register 2 or more color jobs you'll want them.
  6. PrinterCutter

    any techniques for doing sleeves/legs of shorts?

    yep sleeve platen
  7. waterbase will work better in your heatpress than plastisol.plastisol you'll want a dryer.if you want a good image printing you are going to want to use emulsion because the vinyl is thicker allowing more ink to pass through screen.
  8. PrinterCutter

    white Lettering on dark T-shirt

    I don't know about you but black doesn't bleed through white on my press.I have both a cutter and press and I know for sure I wouldn't do a 100 on a cutter not even 10 screen print is much better.
  9. PrinterCutter

    sons of Anarchy

    Awesome job does look like a pain love the show
  10. PrinterCutter

    screen printing

    Somebody printed 5 shirts 2 color on back 1 on front for $35 what are they crazy I wouldn't have made the screens for that.
  11. PrinterCutter

    screen printing

    I do screenprinting (real printing 6 color press,flash and belt dryer) but for 5 shirts you are talking making 3 screens 2 for the back and 1 for the front.Screenprinting you need screen for every color,even DTG will charge for 2 sided.If you want them on the cheap you might want to think 1 color 1 side.Just saying
  12. USB only choice on my cutter works fine after changing out the port on the cutter.
  13. Practice before you stick it to the signboard because it's cheaper and you want your first signs to look good.Like John said probably not enough pressure on the transfer tape and trying to pull off the vinyl with the tape.
  14. yeah Puertoricans in Florida