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  1. Has anyone used this cutter for 3m Di-noc? I had my pressure up to 25 and still didnt go through the vinyl running test from the machine. We have a 60 degree blade in the machine atm. Thanks!
  2. I do 95% of my business online, nothing fancy that requires me to have employees or a large building. But I recently came into the problem of shipping odd size decals. I've figured out standard stuff like 20"x20" wall art, but what do I do with 8"x 42" vehicle decals without having a ton of boxes and other shipping supplys around my house. Thanks
  3. Lothurin

    Confused about KeySpans

    I'm looking at purchasing a USCutter SC Series Vinyl Cutter. I'm running a i7-970 PC with Windows 7 Home Premium. I keep reading about people having problems with USB connections and "chinese" printers. My question about these Keyspan adapters they are selling for 35 dollars, are they the same as i could buy from another place online or locally? I plan to make my cutter purchase soon, next week sometime so any help would be great. Thanks, Loth