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  1. lowone

    My first Partial Wrap

    very good looking work
  2. lowone

    Truck lettering

    looks good
  3. lowone


    hello and welcome to the forum
  4. lowone

    1 more

    looks good.
  5. lowone

    My 2nd, this is diving in head first.

    WOW Looks awesome at night.
  6. lowone

    Window Front

    Nice work, I like how you used the window frame.
  7. lowone

    Wall art and screen print

    Looks good. Is that just the vinyl framed?
  8. lowone

    Back window I did over the weekend

    Looks real clean. Nicely done.
  9. lowone

    Beginner showing off some of my work. :)

    Good looking work! Weeding will go faster and faster as you practice. Everyone has their own favorite tools for the process. I prefer the simple exacto knife, extremely accurate and fast in my opinion. Welcome to the obsession you get from the first thousand cuts. LOL This forum is unique for the truly friendly atmosphere and expert advice. So ask away as questions arise.
  10. lowone

    first wrap work

    Very very well done. I have wrapped a few interior bits with a different brand carbon film and i must say yours came out much better. lol I takes so much patience.
  11. lowone

    New Here and some of my stuff

    Cool idea, and nice looking work.
  12. lowone

    T-shirt experiment

    now THAT is some original thinkin man. AWESOME.