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  1. hello everybody , enjoy here

    hope you enjoy here ,thank you
  2. sir ,thank you ,i add you msn in my list ,did you see that my invitation , if yes add me
  3. thank you for your effort , i try it and it's work very well , would you mind to add me as good friend then i can ask you one more questions ??
  4. How do you price?

    heihei ,you are very professional on this , if need hep i will ask you.thank you
  5. Graphic Request Info.

    please send SMS to me ,i can give you helpl and support
  6. hello everybody , enjoy here

    any one like HK also have the Dargon festival ? h ah aha , if yes ,can show you some nice pictures .
  7. need help the plotter does not work to turn it on just blinks and lights cangive me some solution
  8. hello everybody , enjoy here

    nice day and nice weekends and relax .....
  9. hello everybody , enjoy here

    HEIHEI, Thank you ,i have been to your side in last year , heiihei ... we can be friend here
  10. hello everybody , enjoy here

    New week is coming , how is everyone here ?
  11. Vicsign cutter plotter ..... enjoy here

  12. Vicsign cutter plotter ..... enjoy here

  13. hello everybody , enjoy here

    Thank you for your welcome , we can be make friends here
  14. Job i did today

    630's 24 , also have 48 inches ...
  15. How do you price?

    not understand exactly meanings , i also want working out this _