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  1. hope you enjoy here ,thank you
  2. sir ,thank you ,i add you msn in my list ,did you see that my invitation , if yes add me
  3. thank you for your effort , i try it and it's work very well , would you mind to add me as good friend then i can ask you one more questions ??
  4. heihei ,you are very professional on this , if need hep i will ask you.thank you
  5. please send SMS to me ,i can give you helpl and support
  6. any one like HK also have the Dargon festival ? h ah aha , if yes ,can show you some nice pictures .
  7. need help the plotter does not work to turn it on just blinks and lights cangive me some solution
  8. nice day and nice weekends and relax .....
  9. HEIHEI, Thank you ,i have been to your side in last year , heiihei ... we can be friend here
  10. New week is coming , how is everyone here ?
  11. Vicsign cutter plotter ..... enjoy here

  12. Vicsign cutter plotter ..... enjoy here

  13. Thank you for your welcome , we can be make friends here
  14. 630's 24 , also have 48 inches ...
  15. not understand exactly meanings , i also want working out this _