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  1. i just thought i toss this out there ....
  2. Binford

    OMG! I finally figured it out. How to use SB

    Congratz love to see the Trailer pics when you get it done
  3. Binford

    Wine glass

    That is pretty
  4. Binford

    Car Decal

    Awesome job man that's wicked cool
  5. Binford

    Truck Decal

    Wow awesome
  6. Binford

    Store Front

    nice and clean looking
  7. Binford

    tc or laserpoint

    I would go with the TC i was looking at them both also at one time , this is little late reply so u prob already got one but TC has 64mb of memory verse 1mb Recyclable , I watched many videos on them both online The TC won my heart so i got that one but there both nice
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    Bling wheels
  9. Binford

    Race Truck job

    Freaking Epic bra ... Nice job
  10. Binford

    578514 488328861219591 2081725170 N

    Nice Job i really like it
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    That's Very Nice plotter
  12. Binford

    14 - Completed Front

    Nice Plotter way to go
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    wow nice
  14. Binford

    My first banner

    nice work
  15. Binford

    My first banner

    Sundown is awesome
  16. Binford

    Some of my recent projects

    That's cool Scott .
  17. I just like to wish all my friends i have met here and to all the others i someday hope to have the pleasure to get to know I hope you all have the best Christmas/Holidays this year coming up..Its a bit early i know but i am excited lol .. hope you all are to .
  18. Hope you all had a great Christmas and Holidays
  19. And yea Skeeter zeek he more like a Big Gulp LOL then a teacup blahaha he kinda chubby now ... giggle
  20. Binford

    Just wondered in

    Welcome from Reno
  21. Binford


    Hey did you make that ? if you did it looks pro . I thought about making one for all my plotters cheaper then buying one i think. . Very nice
  22. Yea my old man has Windows 8 its such a hassle . I don't think they even put out a new Service pack 1 for it yet not really sure on that tho. Everyone i talk to that has it has compatibility issues with it least till they offer some new updates and patches like Skeeter said just get a Refurb XP PC . It work good then. or you could try in system Bios look and see if the Serial Port was turned off sometimes they turn things off to save Resources on the pc if they are not being used or if you are using a USB in device settings they have a option to turn of power save mode . Some people have had issues with that . I always turn off power save mode only on USB . Hope you get it fixed