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    US Cutter SC Series Troubles

    Solid advice. I actually use a mic all day but I think that accurately setting the blade at that tolerance without some sort of specialized micrometer would be nearly impossible. I like the vinyl method!!!! Keep it simple.

    US Cutter SC Series Troubles

    The difference was night and day and over 1/1000s. I never realized how sensitive a cutter could be to such a failrly imprecise adjustment. I kept creeping mine up until I just barely couldn't weed my cut then advanced it just a touch. It fixed the nicks and a few other flaws. Amazing.

    US Cutter SC Series Troubles

    I actually just got off the line with support (very helpful) and fixed most things. I was running the SC-25 driver with my cutter out about .25mm. Now it's about .1mm ( barely perceivable with the eye) and I'm cutting fairly well around 70g for pressure but think I'll back it down a lot more as it's just starting to get wavy on the diagonal cuts. They had me switch to the Copam driver to fix some of the control issues with the software but after playing with it, it just created new ones. I can run the cutter and SignCut flawlessly via a PC but I really want to keep it running of my design computer / Mac. Basically, I have to reset the cutter after each file/job to lift the holder off the vinyl. Less than perfect but I can cope with it now that I know it's more of a software/Mac issue.

    US Cutter SC Series Troubles

    I was at .25mm but the corners where rounded. With the 45º it sharpened up around .32-.35mm. Online I found some references for a .50mm offset with the Roland 60º blades. Minus the tearing issues, it's the best detials yet. Thanks, Chris

    US Cutter SC Series Troubles

    Thanks for the replys. I oiled the blade holder and swapped the 45º blade for a 60º and slowed her down to 200. With the offset now set at .50mm, it started cutting the diagonals cleaner (not quite perfect but good enough) but even with the pressure set at 2g it's still punching/cutting through the backing and ripping the vinyl at every start and stop point...? the blade is extended about .25 of an mm at best. The plotter also won't lift the blade when it's completed the cut until I hit the reset.... Thanks, Chris

    US Cutter SC Series Troubles Here's the best looking cut I could get with my new SC plotter. This is at 300 for speed, 2 for pressure, and a .32 offset with a 45 degree blade, using SignCut on a Mac direct with a USB. You can see the nicks and the wiggly diagonals. I do high end detailed painting so my masks need to be perfect. I'm cutting Oracal 810S.... Any suggestions? Need a better plotter? Thanks in advance, Chris

    SC-25 Issues / Won't cut

    I solved it!!! Somehow I inadvertantly changed the calabration settings. 1st cut is now going awesome!

    SC-25 Issues / Won't cut

    I just purchased the SC-25 ands installed it on Mac osx 10.5 with SC Pro. All the tests work fine until I actually try to cut an image. The cutter head just goes extreme to the left and vibrates like it's try to go wider than the plotter. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks