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  1. Imp

    My first full stripe package

    those came put factory perfect, great job
  2. not bad. thou i'm surprised they didn't go over cleaning the area before apply. i use a simple glass cleaner or multi surface cleaner to clean the area before putting in on a wall to make sure it bonds to the wall and not dust or other particles
  3. good tip. going to try it out since i work with greenstar white alot
  4. Imp


    Thank came out great
  5. Imp


    Great find and great buy, jealous! lol i currently use 3.5 floppies at coasters
  6. Imp

    Thought I would share

    great job, looks good
  7. Imp

    pinstriping i have used these guys in the past and they seem to cover all the bases
  8. Imp

    Greetings all.

    Welcome back and hello
  9. Imp

    baby handprints

    Snagged the feet, Thanks!
  10. Imp

    Layering vinyl advice (pre-assembling)

    have yet to try layering yet...that video was great, thanks raven
  11. Imp

    opening a vinyl shop

    thats truly scary lol
  12. Imp

    Hello from NC

  13. Imp


    heres an old school Army Tanker Star Army Star.eps
  14. Imp

    02 Suburban lettering... Was fun...?? :)

    came out great, very bold and sharp