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  1. Hi guys I have had my old MH721 for a while, and it was working nicely under Win XP Pro for me. My computer died and was replaced by a windows 7 system. The only connection I can use is the 9 pin serial cable as the new computer does not have the 20 something pin connection. I cant get it to run or even recognise the cutter at all. Ive tried downloading all of the newer drivers for it to no avail. Seems more likely its the computer not talking to the cutter than anything else. Any info or thoughts most appreciated
  2. AusStretch

    Saying g'day and asking my first Question

    Hi Skeeter. Thanks for the welcome and the advice re Flexistarter10. I'll have to have a good look at it and keep my eye on the prices. Thanks again
  3. Hello to all here. I'm an Aussie guy who has spent the last 29 years caring for my quadriplegic son. I needed to do something for myself, so I bought myself some gear and now am doing T-shirt design and printing as a hobby / small time home business. Still looking after my boy, but needed some ME time lol. I have a Refine EH721 cutter that is working fine with FlexiSign 8.1 I know I should have opted for a cutter with optical registration for contour cutting (live and learn) but is there any way that I can use the eh721 to do this type of work? Ive tried a few things and can never get the registration right. Being on a carers pension it might be a while before I can get enough cash together for another cutter, any assistance with my problems would be gratefully received