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  1. PointOfExpression

    Need some help with this one.

    Need to know the Hybrid font.
  2. PointOfExpression

    Perf cutting with flexi and Graphtec

    I have always done all my perf cutting in cutting master 2 on my graphtec. I have flexi as well but couldn't figure it out.
  3. PointOfExpression

    Digital Printed Vinyl Graphics. (using home desktop printer)

    The other guys do use solvent prints that's why. When you use pigment or dye based inks, they just don't last long.
  4. PointOfExpression

    Digital Printed Vinyl Graphics. (using home desktop printer)

    With uv laminate, they last about 6 months outdoors with my experience. We print hundreds on a weekly basis
  5. There are several posts on this topic. Unless the sticker is printed using solvent ink, it won't last long at all outside.
  6. PointOfExpression

    Hydro Dipping

    Yeah I tried it and figured I would try it out for a few friends and after I did the first one for someone, I threw in the towel.. Extremely difficult to make the end result perfect!
  7. PointOfExpression

    Hydro Dipping

    I tried it, it is a lot harder then it looks! I have dipped a lot of things and every item I dipped I had to redip about 3 times to get it halfway decent. What they don't show in the videos is the rinsing process which is when you see all the flaws. Once dipped, everything looks perfect until it is rinse then you can see if you dipped at the correct angle, speed, water is at the correct temp, used the apropriate base coat paint, used the correct amount of activater, had water in your paint gun lines, etc. The only way to make it work as a business you will be looking at about 10k plus for all the right equipment, then after that you need to know how to prep, paint, dip, and clear properly or else the entire product is toast.
  8. PointOfExpression

    Another font thread

    Me neither.. A trace comes out Okay to where if I can't find it today I will just use that.. Would really like it perfect though. Doesn't look like a custom font
  9. PointOfExpression

    Another font thread

    Yeah, they are too different..
  10. PointOfExpression

    Another font thread

    Nobody knows this one?
  11. PointOfExpression

    Another font thread

    Hey guys, I need to know what "Rold Rose" is in.. Can't find this thing..
  12. PointOfExpression

    Font help needed

    Alright guys, I need your help on this one..
  13. PointOfExpression

    Searched all over for this one!

    Found it!
  14. PointOfExpression

    Got my Graphtec CE6000-60 to Perf Cut

    Cutting strip is just fine. I am using a carrier sheet
  15. There is nothing in the file. The doc is empty