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    signcut problem

    hello, When i cut sticker with signcut everythings work nice... but when i try to change side of the sticker (REVERSE FOR TSHIRT) all the cut is ok.. but the rectangle cut a a little part of the sticker! what i cant do ? thanks
  2. moutoun

    My first tshirt!

    Hi everyone, after doing sticker everyday , i decide to start tshirt! So here my first one.
  3. Hello all, my Sc series is not set corectly..i think... Sooo.. Here my problem First one, where the cutter start to cut and the end point, the ending is a bit off , Second, straight line have little wave , normal? And the last one, roller make print in the vinyl and stay on the vinyl! Thanks!
  4. i think is on the track.. when is moving is not cutting, just touch it, and make big scrath on it
  5. I opened the black box, and all work ! but the probleme is, only when the blade slide right to left, when it up the cutter touch the vinyl! so it make scratch... how to fix this? blade holder need to be a bit more in the air.. i dont know if you know what i mean...
  6. Hello everybody, sorry for my bad english.. im a french guy! USCUTTER SC SERIES 34'' So here is my problem. When i do a cut , the blade touch the vinyl beforce the start point , so it make little scratches everytime , and when the cut is over and it go to the other one, another scrath from the the first end point to the other start point... (Not cut but scratch!) or something when i move the carriage, the blade make scratch all over the vinyl My blade is ok.. you cant barrely see it, my 3 roller is in place, Without this little problem everything work good. help please!
  7. moutoun


    hello... everytime i do a cut, center make print on my vinyl! and your clearly see it! how to remove roller print??? thanks!
  8. (update : 1 day after the sticker is removed, first day not 1 bubble! and today over 100 bubble on it... very dissapoited..) Any idea to solve this?
  9. Need advise please! my cutter go over the start point of each letter.... Help! thanks!
  10. I use a red cap blade, average size is 7 inch x 2.5 inch Exemple of cut: On this one, mu cutter cut to much inside each letter... what Blade i should use and setting? thanks!
  11. help please. i sell on ebay, and i dont want to not satisfead my client.. thanks!
  12. Ok here the problem, when i cut exemple a letter, where the cutter start to cut and where the cutter stop to cut is not at the same place, over like 1-2 mm... but on small design is frustating...i try to ajust offset and when i touch something , cutter cut eveyrwhere and make line over all ! help please (now offset 0.00)
  13. hello, my brand new uscutter SC series make wavy line.. and im from canada , idont want to send my cutter back for repair or anything else.. (cost over 195$ + 87$ taxe)...
  14. Hi everybody! Today i Receive my Vinyl cutter... But everytime i make a Vector file, or only a simple text like ''Gâte'' my SC series cut Gâte but whit Line and other form over the word... Result, when i de-weed my sticker the sticker is not usable.. any solution? Exemple: