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  1. Kelleybell123

    Question About Signage

    Sorry its taken a bit to get back here but want to thank you for the ideas
  2. Kelleybell123

    Question About Signage

    So I need an H frame for this size sign but the only H frame on uscutters site says its best used with signs up to 24x18....Can someone point me in the right direction for a frame for this size sign? Thanks
  3. Kelleybell123

    Can someone please tell me what font this is?

    Thanks so much! Youre the best Skarekrow !!
  4. Kelleybell123

    Christmas is here again --- who needs Santa?

    Very Nice Thank You
  5. Kelleybell123

    Need to find some Lips

  6. Kelleybell123

    Does someone have this?

    Thank You!
  7. Kelleybell123

    lookin for this font

    Is there a similar font that is free. Any suggestions? TIA
  8. Kelleybell123

    Outdoor Vinyl

    Gonna try the chalk .Thanks guys! Ive tried the light thing & no luck Ive even taped it to my sliding glass doors for the sun to shine on it & no luck! Hope the chalk works!
  9. Kelleybell123

    Please! Help!

  10. Kelleybell123

    Please! Help!

    Racking my brain searching for this font! Does anyone know what font this is?? TIA!
  11. Kelleybell123

    Outdoor Vinyl

    Are there any outdoor vinyl other than oracal 651? I cant stand weeding the white 651. My eyesight isnt that good anyway but I can never see the cut lines with this color vinyl with the blue backing. Im guessing the blue backing is the cause because I have some other vinyl (which is not considered outdoor btw) that I can weed no problem. Thanks for any insight you can give
  12. Kelleybell123

    skull for a welding helmet

    Awesome! Thank you!!!
  13. Kelleybell123

    Dad and kids fishing Vector / Silhouette

    Thank you
  14. Kelleybell123


    Very cute! Love that its on the back of a car window! Very festive! Thanks bunches!