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  1. VinylDave

    Free Adobe CS2 (?)

    I saw the post on Gizmodo. Awesome deal if you don't need the latest and greatest. Gizmodo Article
  2. Looks great. Don't over analyze things, I'm learning to just relax and not over think it. I was never a great designer and part of that is because I don't just let things flow, I nit pick. One thing that helped me was looking at other signs, you notice that all you're doing is glancing at them. If you really looked you probably could nit pick them too, but why.
  3. VinylDave

    Truck Finished

    Next time you're in Windows Paint or any other photo editor check out the 'Crop' tool.
  4. VinylDave

    car graphics needed
  5. VinylDave

    Etched Christmas gifts

  6. VinylDave

    contour w/ flexi

    This is great. I was just talking to my brother about doing some contour cutting of some graphics for his company but wasn't sure how. Thanks!
  7. VinylDave

    Screenprinting vs Vinyl

    I did some youth basketball T-shirts with white Siser Easyweed. It's not glossy at all. If you like screen printing you could use cut/weeded vinyl in your screen instead of emulsion. I've seen it done on youtube and I'm about to start trying that out.
  8. VinylDave

    Etched Christmas gifts

    What is the font name you used here? Everything looks great by the way!
  9. VinylDave

    Etched Flask for a Vet

    So you have no problems using the baking soda with the eraser? I'm looking at getting a setup and just wondering what options are available.
  10. Hope ya don't mind...I nabbed it too!
  11. VinylDave

    Vinyl won't come off transfer tape

    If you're using the AT-60 then it's the app tape.
  12. VinylDave

    RTape Clear Choice AT60 HELP!

    Me and others have had the same issue with AT60. I think its a bad batch or horrible new formula.
  14. VinylDave

    3m 1080 Scotchprint .. good for car wrap or ?
  15. VinylDave

    race car numbers

    Don't forget brandsofthworld too.
  16. VinylDave

    Pricing magnets

    $25 each plus design time if it needs vectorized etc.
  17. VinylDave

    I need your vote

    I hate soccer.....but I gave ya a vote.
  18. VinylDave

    James Dean

    Thanks, Love the celebrity silhouettes.
  19. Thanks Towman, I'll make sure I pay your kindness forward to the forum.
  20. VM, definitely true. My problem was different because I bought it used and abused. I wasn't sure if BobbyD bought his new or used, because if you're buying it used you may be dealing with other peoples neglect or ignorance for machine care.
  21. I bought my CE5000-60 used. It really disapointed me at first with all the poor cuts. THEN, I went and bought a Clean Cut blade! Fixed all my problems. I sound like a commercial, but it's true. I really thought I bought an expensive "lemon" and then I replaced the blade and all was good. I can't explain the relief I felt. It was so much of a relief I always will speak awesome about their blades. No doubt, the best.
  22. VinylDave

    Sign I finished Today

    To be honest, I didn't notice the "i" problem. Looks good from my "mostly inexperienced, but still a general public" point of view. In total, it's a simple sign for a simple and small organization. Not gonna get too many remarks on it. Nice work.
  23. VinylDave

    hey trying to upgrade

    Graphtec........Look on craigslist, that's where I found my CE5000-60 for $700. You just gotta be looking at the right time. I'm still new to this whole thing but I've never been limited by my cutter, just me.
  24. VinylDave

    Nice Sign We did

    Just when I think my work is starting to look good.....ya gotta show this!
  25. Gotcha, I thought the new piece was 14x14". I was scratching my head on that one