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    Soul brother shake

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    Where might I find?

    Thanks, I'm sure I'll use this someday on a chicks car.
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    Nice work
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    Greetings all.

    I feel like singing the theme to Welcome Back Kotter......Welcome Back!
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    6 shooter gun ??? I need a old cowboy gun for a banner...

    I'm snagging this.....thanks!
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    baby handprints

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    Hello from NC

    Hello and Welcome!
  9. I'm just starting up and my brother came up with mine. I was wanting something catchy so we came up with Donkey Punch Graphics. Can't say it without smiling. Plus it covers anything I want to get into. Signs, car graphics, window graphics, T-shirts, sandblasting, etc.
  10. Thanks for all the sites
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    Appliance Decals

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    Layed I have to make money!

    You could do something like this: You'll get noticed at night!
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    What kind of art?

    Is it like these?
  14. Hi guys, I was talking to a family friend about his golf course and next thing I know he's telling me he needs 30+ signs that he'd buy from me as long as they're durable. I told him that the vinyl I use (Oracal 651) has a life expectancy of 5+ years. So everything seems great, problem is, where do I buy these things? Been looking and all I can find are places that sell them completed with the letters on them.
  15. Thanks Mgraphics. Do they include the spike or how do you install it?
  16. VinylDave

    Baseball helmet

    Beautiful helmets guys. Especially Kaufman, way to think outside the box. I like the flames.
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    First Big Job

    Great Job. Simple, clean, and nice!
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    02 Suburban lettering... Was fun...?? :)

    Wow, that's why I love checking this gallery out. I always see new ways to do things. Never would've thought it wasn't printed.
  19. VinylDave

    One of my 4 foot by 10 foot banners for some local kids

    Nice, the yellow really pops
  20. Helpful tips guys, I forgot about yola. Gonna have to start setting up my site. Thanks!
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    Graphic Request Info.

    Saw this one.....
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    Music subscription advice wanted .

    Also try Spotify. Pretty nice, it's like a mix of Pandora and iTunes. You type in any song, artist, or album and it will pull up everything and let you play it free. They were calling it the iTunes killer in Europe, which I doubt, but it was nice the couple of times I used it. Plus it's FREE.
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    Got tired of the clutter

    Nice, I'm gonna need something like that for my small shop space.
  24. Hi, just wanted to introduce myself since I've been lurking around for weeks. I really appreciate this forum and all the info it offers. It's helped me immensely with finding the right cutter and finding other resource related to vinyl. I've had zero experience with vinyl but there are a few things I wanted to try and see if I can make some money on. I just purchased a Graphtec CE5000-60 from craigslist for $700. Guy wanted $850 so I tried to lowball him and surprisingly he took it. Hopefully I'll get around to cutting some stuff this weekend. I'm waiting on my supplies to be delivered over the next week so I can experiment with window graphics, car graphics, T-Shirt vinyl, etc. I really do appreciate you guys, it's amazing what you can find with the search button! Thanks, Dave