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  1. So Koletsb, do you charge similar prices for 41x41 and 14x14? One is almost 16 square feet and the other is just over 1. Wouldn't they have had sticker shock from the first price? If not, good for you!
  2. OWJ, what notifier do you use for craigslist? I'm always scanning, would be nice to have it automated.
  3. VinylDave

    purchased my screen printing equipment

    There are tons of how to's out there. My buddy used his laser printer to print the image. I don't think that part matters, just gotta make sure you have the right setup to burn the image into the screen.
  4. VinylDave

    cutting strip

    I bought my Graphtec used and right from the get go it was doing the same thing as yours. I went and bought a new CleanCut blade and it fixed the problem. After seeing how the new blade cut I could see how dull the old one was. Not sure if that's your problem too but for $17 it wouldn't hurt to try plus at worst you have a spare blade that you'll use soon enough.
  5. VinylDave

    Cornhole boards

    Nice boards, I really like the deli one.
  6. VinylDave

    New guy over here...

    Welcome Andy!
  7. VinylDave

    Barbor POLE!!

  8. VinylDave

    Thought I would share

    Nice work!
  9. Just wanna say thank God for this forum. I was having this exact same issue so I searched and found this post. I bought a used Graphtec CE5000-60 and thought man did I buy a lemon. Ends up it was the blade. I bought a new Clean Cut Blade and MAN does it work great now. Plus, just like Clean Cut says, it only needs half the pressure of my old blade. Awesome! Sorry for bringing back this old post but it helped sooooo much I can't explain. Thanks Guys!
  10. VinylDave

    Hi from VA.

  11. VinylDave

    Workbench we've built....

    Gotcha, always wondered why all the rolls were hung instead of laid down.
  12. Yeah, I couldn't believe how fast my shipment came in. I ordered on a Thursday and had it to me by monday. Pleasant surprise.
  13. Yeah, the one thing I've read and learned is to SEARCH THE FORUM! This forum would have 1/2 the posts if people just searched. The guys on here are good at what they do and they don't mind sharing. I appreciate it guys.
  14. VinylDave

    How To View .EPS Files

    I've used thumbsplus and they have a plugin for viewing EPS files.
  15. VinylDave

    What happened to "marketplace"?

    Are there any other "secret" forum sections?
  16. VinylDave

    Application tape roller

    Nice. Can't beat it for the price.
  17. VinylDave

    Layering vinyl advice (pre-assembling)

    I've watched this one before. He just pops the bubbles in his.
  18. VinylDave

    Vinyl Trimming

    Don't forget craigslist.
  19. VinylDave

    my first banner :)

    Looks clean as f*ck! Nice!
  20. VinylDave

    Banner #2

    Both are nice. I'm sure the kids love dad making them their own custom banner.
  21. VinylDave

    Just did the stripes on my 2012 Mustang

    Looks great, I've been wanting to do stripes for a car. Your lines seem perfect. Even if it cost you more, it'll be well worth it as far as advertising goes.
  22. VinylDave

    My most detailed cut yet

    Nice cut. Looks pretty evil for a beer, but I'd still drink it.
  23. VinylDave

    Workbench we've built....

    I have a larger table like that, now I know where I can store my final. Think I'll build some cubby holes. Nice work.
  24. VinylDave

    Quick banner for a raffle...

    Looks nice, have any trouble weeding or applying that gun? Figured it may give ya fits with the lines being so thin.
  25. VinylDave

    New guy from sunny Fla.

    Hello and Welcome from Ohio!