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  1. Hello All

    Hello and Welcome.
  2. Help with logo

    Wow sure looks like my JPG, Did you copy it and post it as yours?
  3. Hey Hey Beautiful People

    Hello and Welcome.
  4. Welding image

    I'm really not sure, I use Flexisign and in Flexisign I have to hold the shift key while I select with the mouse.
  5. Welding image

    When selecting items to weld only select the border and the deer, not the font.
  6. Help with logo

    I brought it into Flexisign and came up with this.
  7. Hello from Mid-Michigan

    Hello and Welcome.
  8. Hi from Tx

    Hello and Welcome.
  9. Hello from Texas

    Hello and Welcome.
  10. Hey Hey From P.A!

    Hello and Welcome,
  11. I'm new to forum and need some help

    Hello and Welcome.
  12. Noob from Arkansas

    Hello and Welcome.
  13. Hello, everybody!

    Hello and Welcome.
  14. Been very Crazy

    Welcome back.
  15. Hello from Northern VA - New to Cutting

    Hello and Welcome.
  16. Hello!!! From Florida

    Hello and Welcome.
  17. New to the forum and vinyl

    Hello Steve and welcome to the forum.
  18. Hi, New from Arizona

    Hello and Welcome.
  19. Need help on GCC i-craft

    Could it be a memory problem with the cutter (not enough)? Those are some pretty intricate designs. Both the first third photos. Just a thought.
  20. Newbie here from the Philippines

    Hello Aiza and welcome to the group.
  21. Newbie from Leicester England

    Hello and Welcome.
  22. Consecutively Numbered Jobs

    You're welcome. Glad I could help.
  23. Hello from San Diego

    Hello and Welcome.
  24. Consecutively Numbered Jobs

    Hey Bill, The only way I found to do it is to set the number of copies at 32 number of columns at 1 then auto serialize. Do that 7 times resetting the start number with 33 then 65 97 and so on until you get to 225. you then have to change the copies to 26 for the last column. I hope this helps, Doug
  25. Hello from Performance Vinyl

    Hello and Welcome.