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  1. dwp99

    help needed please

    Well it was worth a try. I also searched google images and the LGA website but couldn't find a clear straight on photo of the logo.
  2. dwp99

    help needed please

    It's LGA trucking out of El Paso Texas according to the USDOT number on the truck's fuel tank cover. Give them a call and ask what font they use. (915) 852-2324
  3. dwp99

    Cutting a sharp outline

    I'm not a Vinylmaster user but, is there an option on the outline to use inline instead? That would keep the sharper detail on the outer edge. I did a quick inline in Flexi on the leaf you posted.
  4. dwp99

    Hello from a new guy

    Hello and Welcome from Florida
  5. dwp99

    Dirt Bike Template KTM 250sx

    Will this work for you? https://www.motosportstemplates.com/1d46-2016-k1462016450250.html
  6. dwp99

    Hello All

    Hello and Welcome.
  7. dwp99

    New, senior citizen so be gentle

    Hello and Welcome from Florida
  8. dwp99

    Any help getting these able to be cut?

    Here's a quick stab at the Boots vs Badges design and Vinnie Strong The font for the Boots vs Badges is different from what you have. As far as the lower design, you'll need a better photo and preferably of the design that's not a tee shirt. Whoever designed the tee shirt should have the vector art. Boots vs Badges.eps VinnieStrong.eps
  9. dwp99

    Guillotine Cutter

    I have a 24" Ingento that I use from time to time. I mainly use an Excel #11 knife and a straight edge. Dakota, You got a smoking deal on that Neolt Trimmer.
  10. dwp99

    Hello From NC

    Hello and Welcome.
  11. dwp99

    Hi all!

    Hello and Welcome.
  12. dwp99

    Hey Y'all

    Hello and Welcome.
  13. dwp99

    Tin Mugs Sub prints

    Hello and Welcome from Florida.
  14. dwp99


    Hello and Welcome from Florida.
  15. dwp99

    Hello from FLA

    Hello and Welcome from another Floridian.