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    Hello and Welcome.
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  3. I don't know if you can open EPS files in Vinyl Master, but here's what you are looking for. Nailor JR.eps
  4. dwp99

    What vinyl is this?

    Well I followed the link you posted and found out that the channel creator is based in Hong Kong. They are calling it an iron on patch but no where in the description do they identify the vinyl or if it is printed or laminated. There is a link in the description of the video to purchase to patches. You can also get the email address of the channel creator or leave a comment on the video asking what type of vinyl it is and if it's printed and laminated.
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    How would i do this?

    I used Flexisign and did the Remove Overlap. Elephant.eps
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    Font help 2

    Does It Look Like I Give A Font? I got nothing either
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    Yes under effects is distort. You can make the tops of the letters wider. By choosing the shape in which way you want the letters look.
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    I found one but I think it might get me in trouble. Might even get me one of these.
  13. dwp99

    Any tips on weeding?

    I know what you mean, the cut lines can be hard to see. You can try placing your light at a lower angle to the vinyl. I also use a pair of very sharp pointed tweezers and a dental pick to help with the weeding. Letters weed better from right to left and numbers weed better from left to right. Practice, practice, practice it will come over time.
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