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  1. dwp99

    Upgrade Question

    Hey Dakota, I'm pretty impressed, where can I get a 3 inch diameter dime? lol
  2. dwp99

    Cost for vehicle lettering

    Don't forget to figure in the time it took for the layout or design, converting the logo from a JPG to a vector image or the numerous times the customer called to change the design. I live in Florida and pretty much use Oracle 951 for everything.
  3. dwp99

    Axle, driveshaft, grabber

    Give these a try. Axle Shaft Grabber.eps
  4. dwp99

    Hi Everyone!

    Hello and Welcome, I have to agree with all the others and say that I'd go with the Graphtec. I started out about 10 years ago. I looked at the "Value Cutters" then a Summa D-60 became available. I picked it up used and have been using it ever since. I bought mine used and have had no regrets. It's paid for it's self many times over. When I received my cutter I had no vinyl to practice with so I went to the local orange box store and picked up some adhesive backed shelf paper. I had to try it out and couldn't wait for some vinyl to arrive.
  5. dwp99

    Just joined

    Hello and Welcome from Florida Nice work.
  6. dwp99

    New Member in Canada

    Hello and Welcome.
  7. dwp99

    Wyn, 67 year old newbe.

    Hello and welcome from another Floridian. Doug
  8. dwp99

    HP Cutter Blades

    You're right, they don't cut all the way out to the edge. My Summa will cut about 13.5" on a 15" wide roll and about 22.5" on a 24" wide roll. You'll also need a little extra on the top end to keep the sensor covered. But on the up side they do track very well. Do you use the Media Flanges? They really help with the tracking.
  9. dwp99

    HP Cutter Blades

    My Summa D60 is actually badged a Neuhause Vector 6.0, Bade in Belguim. So I'm guessing that Summa will manufacture and sell under different names.
  10. dwp99

    HP Cutter Blades

    Wow, My micrometer is off I rechecked it with another an it's reading .0585 on the diameter and .0754 on the length. Sorry about that. Doug
  11. dwp99

    HP Cutter Blades

    I have a Summa D60 I corrected an error in a micrometer reading below. Doug
  12. Cardudenc I know what you mean about parts being expensive. I needed a power supply for my vinyl cutter and went to the manufacturer they wanted big bucks for it. After looking at the power supply I saw that it was manufactured buy a 3rd party. I took the manufactures name and model number off of the power supply and found a new one on eBay for $22.00. Keep that in mind when searching for electronics. Good luck if you decide to purchase the Graphtecs. Doug
  13. dwp99

    Hey ~ I'm Alicia Zee!

    Hello and Welcome . There's a wealth of information and very friendly folks here. Doug
  14. dwp99

    Minnesota Mike here.....

    Hello and Welcome from Florida.
  15. dwp99

    Hi all, new here

    Very cool, I have always like helicopters but never got my pilots license. I'm a retired automotive mechanic and have done vinyl work on friends helicopters.