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  1. dwp99

    Painting Coroplast & Applying Vinyl

    I've used flat black vinyl on cloroplast with fluorescent vinyl letters with good luck. Just a suggestion,. If you paint the cloroplast, give the paint enough time to dry. Some paint will off gas and create air bubbles under the Vinyl.
  2. Hoochie Display is very close for the font.
  3. dwp99

    Happy to join!

    Hello and Welcome from Florida
  4. dwp99

    Issues with cut/plot onto vinyl

    Another thing, you mention that you are a Newbie to vinyl cutting. The file you are trying to cut, is it a vector file or a jpeg? Vector files are the only files that sign software and cutters can cut. I'm not sure which file extension Artcut 2009 uses but some of the vector files used in vinyl cutting are Adobe Illustrator, PDF, EPS and SVG. Most fonts can be cut so you can try a test cut using letters. I hope this helps.
  5. dwp99

    summa D60 - any good?

    I have the Summa D60 that I run with Flexisign. I have had the Summa for at least 10 years and have had only one problem. That was a power supply that went bad. it was probably my fault because I use to leave the power on for long periods of time. I did find a replacement power supply and it's been running great ever since. I have no experience with other programs but can imagine the cutter will run fine with something different and windows 10. That being said the Summa is a great vinyl cutter, they track very well and can cut very detailed designs. The title of this thread is D60 but in the original post you mention a T140. These are two different cutters. the t140 being tangential which is even better than the D60's drag knife design. Dakota gave you links to the Summa site for manuals and drivers. I hope this helps a little. you've got a great cutter.
  6. dwp99

    Vinyl decals wont peel.

    I also agree that the cutter is cutting too. The blade should just be making an impression on the backing paper. Another thing that will cause the vinyl to stay on the backing paper is it's age. If the vinyl is old it tends to be a little harder to get it off of the backing paper.
  7. dwp99

    New to the forums

    Hello and Welcome.
  8. dwp99

    Oramask 813 too sticky?

    You're welcome. I hope it works out for you.
  9. dwp99


    Hello and Welcome.
  10. dwp99

    Mark Rugen training dvd

    I have an use Flexi and also have Mark's DVD. It was a big help to me when I was leaning Flexi. Doug
  11. I would also say that only the blue line is selected Using your photos, click the icon by the red arrow and it will fill the screen with your design By clicking and holding the the icon by the green arrow the fly out menu will show shapes (circle rectangle star) but on the end will be the registration marks. You can design with the flag horizontal but rotate it in the production manager by clicking the icon of the human figure under the blue arrow.
  12. dwp99

    Oramask 813 too sticky?

    I've used the Oramask 813 and you're right it is sticky. I've also got some Oramask 810S Translucent Grey and found it to be less sticky. I use the 813 on enamel (Krylon) painted steel. When I tried the 810S on the enamel painted steel it didn't stick to well. maybe it will work for you on the Gesso'd Board. I know in the description that Oramask 813 is specified to be used with water based paints but it works fine with the enamel paint. Oramask 810S is specified to be used with solvent paints but it couldn't get it to stick well to the enamel paint. Welcome to the forum. Doug
  13. dwp99

    Completely flummoxed

    Steve, Steve, Steve. Wait just a minute. First off the guy in the video is not drilling into the machine. He is using a battery powered drill with a Philips screwdriver bit to turn the screws. The holes are already drilled into the frame and base of the machine. You can use #2 Philips screw driver to assemble the stand and to attach the wire. You can use an Xacto knife to cut the insulation off of the end of the wire and scrape a little paint off of the stand and machine. Scraping the paint will give a better electrical connection between the frame and machine. The wire that is being attached is to discharge static electricity that builds up by the vinyl running across the metal and plastic parts of the machine. Kind of like when you scuff your feet on the carpet then touch the door knob or get a load of sweaters out of the dryer and pull them apart. The reason you have to discharge the static electricity, is because it will cause the machine to make cuts in the vinyl that you don't want. I hope this helps, now go put that cutter and stand together.
  14. dwp99

    Greetings all from Karo:).

    Hello and Welcome.
  15. dwp99

    Intro for you all

    Hello and Welcome.