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    Welcome Back.
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    Hello to all

    Welcome from Florida
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    Newbie here

    Hello and Welcome
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    This is pretty close
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    Another new guy to vinyl

    Hello and Welcome from Florida.
  6. I've used this on flat black and it really stands out. darcshadow is correct it does fade faster than other colors. The color is not all the way through the vinyl like 951 cor 751 either it's a coating on white vinyl.
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    Hello from Michigan

    Hello and Welcome from Florida
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    App Tape holder/dispenser

    Yeah I got a metal roller and it will hold a roll up to 27" , I don't know of one that is wider. Good idea making your own. I lowered my rollers down 2.5" to keep the tape closer to the vinyl.
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    Hello from NY!!

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    Any tips on application tape, fixing? wide stuff!

    Yup I use 2 C-clamps to hold it to the table. You sure can, you just got to keep it tight. clamp it to the table, lay the decal on the table in front of the rollers and pull off enough tape to cover the whole decal. keeping the Tape tight lay one end of it past the decal and stick it to the table. Start squeegeeing just be careful because the app tape and decal can pull back up off of the table and when you go back to make another pass with the squeegee you can get wrinkles. Use your other hand to help hold the app tape and decal on the table where you have squeegeed. It can take some practice.
  11. dwp99

    Tee Shirt or Decal

    Thanks Slice and Dice, I was wondering what file format could be used. Whenever I do a job that needs to be printed I design in Flexi and save as an AI file to send to the printer. I Think the wholesale printer I use prints from AI files. But I'm in Florida and my friend is across the country. he'll bring the file to his print source. Thanks Wild Goose, I won't be cutting this one in Vinyl. It's going to be used for Tee shirts and full color decals printed on white vinyl. Something I know very little about is screen printing, I do know that each color is applied individually and a different screen is needed for each color. I didn't know if my friend would consider Screen Printing and just wanted to be prepared in case he asked. I would think that Screen Printing would need a vector file. I could pair down the colors Like you mention and see if I could make it work. Thanks again for everyone's help.
  12. dwp99

    Tee Shirt or Decal

    I've got a question for all you Tee Shirt and Decal printers. I've been asked to take a photograph of a logo that was hand painted on the door of a truck and convert it so it can either be printed on vinyl and contour cut to make a decal or printed on tee Shirts. I'll also ask about the file format for Screen printing on a tee shirt also, just in case that question is asked. What File format is the preferred format for this procedure? This hand painting has a lot of shading and blending of colors. I just do cut vinyl and know it would have to be a vector image if I were to cut it out of vinyl. Thanks in advance, Doug
  13. dwp99

    Any tips on application tape, fixing? wide stuff!

    DVDDVD Check this out. I have one and it works great. They are giving a free sample of application tape with it. I've used mine with 24" wide tape. https://www.uscutter.com/Application-Tape-Roller-Package I did make a modification to mine though. I moved the rollers closer to the table top by drilling 4 new holes to lower the rollers.
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    New from NV

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