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  1. Could it be a memory problem with the cutter (not enough)? Those are some pretty intricate designs. Both the first third photos. Just a thought.
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  6. Hey Bill, The only way I found to do it is to set the number of copies at 32 number of columns at 1 then auto serialize. Do that 7 times resetting the start number with 33 then 65 97 and so on until you get to 225. you then have to change the copies to 26 for the last column. I hope this helps, Doug
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  11. Freight doors vary in size due to the different manufacturers. Volvo and International are the truck manufacturers they produce cab and chassis trucks, then they contract out to different body manufacturers depending on the customers requirements. Most of the time the trucks are shipped to the dealers and they have a local shop install the type of body the customer wants be it a box van, flat bed or dump body. Your best bet is to take a photograph of the body from a straight on position, measure it and import it into your software. Then you can draw your design, scale it then either print it or cut it out from vinyl. According to Manta they have 251 body manufacturers listed for the USA http://www.manta.com/mb_35_A82C902U_000/truck_bodies_motor_vehicles find out the manufacturer and contact them for dimensions. Hope this helps, Doug
  12. I agree with what Dakota and Goose have to say. Here's another little trick that you might try. After you get the vinyl loaded in the cutter run it back and forth (in and out) a few times to make sure it's going to track straight. make adjustments to the vinyl if it doesn't. Doug
  13. Hey Charlie Let me suggest that you got over to the introduction section and introduce yourself first. let us know a little about you and what software you are using. as for your problem with the cutter, you mentioned that everything was working well until you replaced the blade. I'd check to see if there isn't a small piece of vinyl caught in the blade holder preventing the blade from swiveling, since it was working for a short time after you replaced the blade. Things like blade offset, blade pressure and blade stick out can also cause the same problems. I hope this helps. Doug
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