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  1. Hello , I am very new to the Vinyl Cutting world. I have just purchased a Graphtec CE5000-60 and have a Mac OSX version 10.7.3 and I am running CM2 (Cut masters 2) on CS5 (adobe illustrator 5) I have been able to load files into the the CM2 plugin on CS5 but when i send the job it will say "holding" and then the machine sounds like its going to start up but then the status light just starts to blink and never cuts anything. What am i doing wrong? I still have not figured out how to cut at all. I have pushed the test cut button and it works just fine PLEASE HELP Kolby
  2. Coeus Clothing

    Mac setup no issues, FYI

    I have OSX 10.7.3 do you know if this is compatible i have had some troubles getting my mac to work with the plotter