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  1. GarciaGraphix

    Looking for Premium Cast Metallic Vinyl

    Specifically I am looking for Hunter Green or Forest Green 15" by 1 yard and Black 15" by 1 yard. Either Avery Cast 900 Metallics or Oracal 951 Metallic or any other good brand that will last for 7 years or more. Please pm me your prices shipped to 60051. Thanks
  2. GarciaGraphix

    If you drive a subaru STI, I apologize.....

    LMAO great idea!! Big evo/mitsu fan here. I had a 97 eclipse, 90 talon tsi awd, and a 3kgt. Make it smaller and sell some!! Keep up the good work!
  3. GarciaGraphix

    Let's see your company logo(s)!

    mine is in my avatar
  4. GarciaGraphix

    Simple Stickers

    Nice!!! I used to buy stuff from back when i had my dsm (90 tsi awd). Good work!!
  5. How much would you charge to pinstripe a 20 ft boat? I know the material costs $15 at the most for 150ft of universal pin striping, so do I just charge an hourly rate on top of that? Please help Thanks
  6. GarciaGraphix

    mobile wash

    I think it looks pretty good. I kinda agree with MacGrafix about jazzing it up. But sometimes less is more and it helps get your point across efficiently.
  7. GarciaGraphix

    Metallic 851/951 Wet app?

    I used Oracal 851 metallic wet about two weeks ago to do some boat graphics. Turned out great!! You can do a wet app with it no problem. What is the vinyl gonna go on?
  8. GarciaGraphix

    The first Car I wrapped. (My Car)

    Craziness!! I have always wanted to try vehicle wrapping. How hard was it? What is the process like?
  9. GarciaGraphix

    Hood Stripes for my car

    Thanks for the replies everyone! What I first did was took a good side profile pic of the front end of the car. I then imported the pic to inkscape and used the bezel tool to trace over where I wanted the stripe to be. After that I saved the file as an .eps file and opened it up in SignBlazer. I scaled it to life size and used the plotter with pen and drawing paper to see how it would fit on the car. There is a lot of good info from forum member "tlzimmerman" in the inkscape subforum on how to trace objects. I just kept tweaking the nodes and re-plotting the stripe on paper until I got it perfect. It took about 5 tries to get it right. It was a lot of work running up and down the stairs of my townhouse. The plotter is all the way on the upper level and the car was all the way on the ground level.
  10. GarciaGraphix

    Hood Stripes for my car

    I have been wanting to make some hood stripes for my car for quite some time now and I finally got a chance. It took me a while to get the curve right on the hood, but I was using drawing paper and the pen attachment on the plotter so no vinyl was wasted. It was a good learning experience. I used Oracal 751 Matte Black. It a 2007 Mazdaspeed 3 My inspiration was the Australian Mazda MPS Extreme: I still need to do the stripes on the rear side panels.
  11. GarciaGraphix

    My first sign(s).

    Awesome job! Simple and easy to read.
  12. GarciaGraphix

    A few race cars

    Mazdas FTW!!!! Proud owner of a 07 speed3. Nice work!!
  13. GarciaGraphix

    64' Corvette

    Sweet Graphic!! I'd put it on my wall
  14. GarciaGraphix

    Graduation graphics needed

    Thank you for the post!!! My Girlfriends sister is having a grad party soon... I think I will make her a banner
  15. GarciaGraphix


    Awesome job!! What kinda vinyl did you use?