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  1. I had my business cards printed by them. Total cost was around $18 for 1000 I believe. The color quality is great and it is printed on a thick stock. Are you ordering through the regular site or did you sign up to be a reseller? I have been thinking about signing up with them.
  2. rjfox

    Pants on the ground ????

    The other day a guy had them hanging at his knees and the entire time he had to hold them. Why would anyone want to waste one hand all day to hold there pants up? Comfort is just not in his dictionary.
  3. rjfox

    making sign grids

    Like something in the pic below? Aside from drawing it in the program of your choice, the grid in the pic was created in Adobe illustrator with the grid tool.
  4. rjfox

    Lets help BannerJohn out!

    True John- many of those people have the money to pay for medical expenses.
  5. rjfox

    Now were Blasting

    I had actually went through my issues before your post... Thats why I returned the Blaster. Once I read your post I was angry at myself... But I just had some spare time rand decided to give the little blaster a go. On this one I didnt use a cabinet. I am looking at building one though. My problem was that the hood I was wearing was fogging up and I couldnt see!
  6. rjfox

    Now were Blasting

    After purchasing a compressor, pressure pot, and misc other materials for blasting and having no luck with it working-AND after returning the pressure pot- purchasing a smaller gun- with no luck of that working, I finally just purchased a small air brush type blaster. Come to find out my problems with the pressure pot was my blasting media. I was using walnut shells because that is all that was available at the time, and it was clogging the pressure pot and the gun. So now I have tested my blaster using AO and I think I can like this! I blasted a 10" heart onto a large scrap mirror. Now onto something that I intend to keep!
  7. rjfox

    Howdy Y'all!!

    Hi Ken! Glad to hear you are well.
  8. rjfox


    Interesting. It would be something nice to try. Although it does seem to me that there would have to be a lot of people involved to make it worthwhile. I had tried to start an FTP location a while back, but only 5 or so people participated, and after all of the graphics they had were shared the pool dried up. I could see this being better though because all you would have to do is select the folders where you keep your graphics and then only share those.
  9. rjfox

    Boy, it doesn't get any better than this

    Wow, all I was offered was 750,000... Guess they screwed me.
  10. rjfox

    Pearl discount art supply

    It is sad. Me and the wife were looking for a good art store and we found this one a few weeks ago. When we went in yesterday the employees had just found out about them closing. Although at the store by me it seemed most of the paints were on sale...
  11. If you live near one of these store (not a bunch but worth a look)http://www.pearlpaint.com/ Check to see if the are closing down. The one in Tampa, FL is closing, and everything is 50% off. Got me a rotary cutter and some other useful tools. Not all of the stores are supposed to close, but the manager at the Tampa one said many are.
  12. rjfox

    Any way of vectorizing this?

    Here is one. Logo2.eps Logo2.eps
  13. rjfox


    I am not sure if Broder owns Jiffy, but on one of my orders from Jiffy they forgot to remove on of the labels. It was basically saying it was a jiffy order and it was supposed to be blind shipped for them.
  14. rjfox

    Can someone help vector this image please

    It really depends on some of the images I from what I have seen. I use a toss up of Illustrator and VM 50/50. Most of the stuff I do in VM is from Hand drawn graphics. On this one I used advanced mode and then after it was vectorized I spent about 10 minutes cleaning it up within VM.
  15. rjfox

    Plotter or machine to cut Magnet matarial?

    A while back someone on here was cutting magnets. A quick search didnt come up with anything, but maybe a more in-depth one might. As I recall they were just scoring halfway through and then either tearing or using scissors the rest of the way. Like guest said, it would add a little more stress to your cutter.