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  1. Tommy D

    Tool time logo

    Hi there, I need the tool time logo for a halloween costume. I have found some they just arent vectorizing well. Thanks
  2. How do you cut them both together?
  3. Hi there, I have text that i want to cut out. I want the tile to be the same size of the workspace instead of shrinking around the text. Thanks for the help! Tom
  4. Tommy D

    please help identify

    Please help me identify this font. Thanks in advance.
  5. Gosh that is cool. Nice work. What color glaze is that that gives it the almost coffee staind look? Oil or latex paint? Keep up the good work.
  6. Tommy D

    Christian fish

    Thanks Sabrina. I tried cutting that image and the lines arent very clean on the fish. Is there someone who could clean it up or post another image of the fish with the cross in it. Thanks a lot. Im not really sure how to do it.
  7. Tommy D

    Christian fish

    Does anybody know how to fix the right arm of the cross in the crossfish. It seems to be rounded. Thanks
  8. Tommy D

    Fonts for wall art

    I am looking for some trendy type fonts thats look like pottery barn style. Thnaks for the help.
  9. Tommy D

    Please help identify

    Could you please hlp me identify these fonts. Thanks a lot.
  10. Tommy D

    Fonts for wall art

    What are some of the fonts that look nice for wall art?
  11. Anyone vectorized any images of movie/tv/celebrities. I have seen some pretty fuuny tshirts ie. Chuck Norris, 80's tv characters. Thanks
  12. Tommy D

    matte or gloss?

    is oracal 631 better then FDC 4725 matte Calendered 6 Year Vinyl?
  13. Tommy D

    matte or gloss?

    I am painting mdf blanks with an acrylic paint. What is a good matte vinyl to go with?
  14. Tommy D

    matte or gloss?

    I am making decorative painted wood signs. I want to make fairly detailed lettering for quotes or phrases. The boards are 6'' x 24''. I want the lettering to look as if it was painted. Does it matter if i use gloss or matte? Which will look better for this project? Thanks for your help.
  15. Tommy D

    Saved by the bell

    Im not sure if this was anyone elses generation but, I am looking for some saved by the bell characters. I have seen some pretty funny shirts that have Zach or Slater on them. Also a bayside high logo would be cool. Here is an example