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  1. We recently changed a blade on our Graphtec FC7000-100 with the same type that was in it before just a new one. We make a lot of street signs and use a lot of truculent vinyl. When we sen that job it starts out fine but as it goes it seems to have the effect of losing downforce and is just scoring the vinyl at the end of the cut and the last few letters are not weedable. Looking at the cutter knife after there is remnants of the vinyl on the knife like a very small strand wrapped around the blade. When I switch to regular vinyl there are no issues loosing pressure so that leased me to be leave it is and issued with the material getting stuck on the blade. Mat
  2. Yes, thank you, sorry for not Yes, they are Graphtec blades. I actually work in a different department and I own a CE5000 that I do my own stuff with at home. The guy that makes the signs at work asked me for help when he stared having issues. he tells me that he is doing the same thing he has done the whole time. I have never had any similar issues the double cut theory makes sense but I watched it cut and it only went around each letter once. maybe its like carving/pealing a strand instead of cutting, I'm not sure.
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    Font ID help

    This font seems really familiar but I just can't seem to be able to find it, anybody have any ideas?
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    More Font Help

    Yes I have looked in those places, I can't seem to find a match, either they don't have it or I'm just missing it. I would assume "HOURS" would be a font other than the "O" and the graphic over the O and the rest of the word. But either way Hours isn't a huge deal I'm more interested in the "After" part.
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    More Font Help

    I am also having a hard time finding the fonts in this logo too Thanks again Mat
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    More Font Help

    Does anyone have any ideas?
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    Some More Font Help

    I had this font on my old computer, I don't remember what is is called and I'm having a hard time finding it again, Thanks Mat
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    Matching a Font

    Anybody have an idea of these two different fonts?
  9. I cant open this camaro logo in coreldrae I was hoping someone could convert it to a .eps format file Thanks, Mat
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    Font Help

    Hey guys, this font looks really simple but I just can't seem to match it Thanks, Mat
  11. I'm looking for 4"x10" plate blanks mainly used for volunteer Fire Department idenification plates, does anyone know where I could find them? Thanks for the help, Mat
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    First Big Job

    The trailer came out really nice, I'm just curious what kind of vinyl did you use for that?
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    Font ID Help On a Logo

    I'm trying to figure out the font in thislogos with no luck yet. I appreciate any help.
  14. I am still looking to buy me first cutter but my budget has been increased. I have roughly narrowed it down to 4 different cutters, Graphtec CE-5000, Roland GX-24, Graphtec-8000, or Roland GX PRO 36". I need a cutter at least 24" wide but preferably 30" or 36" so that kinda rules out the 24" ones. I'm leaning toward the Roland GX-PRO 36", my biggest question is which one of these is the better deal,best quality for the price? Mat
  15. Haha ya speed isnt a huge factor for me as long as its accurate. So at this point I think the graphtec is the way to go.
  16. Well according to the buying guide on here the Roland is faster and has more downforce to cut different material. But I did more research on graphtec's web site and because I'm looking at the graphtec CE5000-120 (48") that particular model actually has more downforce than the Roland. I'm leaning more to that graphtec now I think.
  17. Thanks for the input, I should have been a little more clear about the budget increase its between the Graphtec 5000-120 (48") or the Roland GX PRO 30 (30") for similar prices. I like the larger size and lower price on the Graphtec but according to the buying guide the Roland has a few more options. I'm leaning toward the Graphtec 5000, from what I've heard they do a nicer quality cutting job. Like Skeeter said I'm just trying to get the best bang for my buck.
  18. Skeeter do you mean the graphtec 5000 over the Roland pro? I was wondering if anyone has a review on the Roland pro vs. the Graphtec 5000
  19. Thanks guys, what about between the Roland GX PRO and the graphtec CE 5000 series?
  20. I am new here and I'm looking for some help. I have just started racing modifieds at my local track, I designed the numbers for the car and several other logos for some sponsors in illustrator. I have gotten them made from a local sign shop already but it has gotten me interested in buying my own cutter to save some hassle in the future. I was also thinking about maybe trying to start a little side business doing some other race car related vinyl for some of the other people at the track. I was very interested in the Copam until I read this tread and it made me very nervous about the newer version of the cutter I was wondering has anyone had any similar issues? My budget for the cutter is around $800 so in theory I'll still be under $1000 after I buy some vinyl and such. I'm looking for a cutter that will do good with race car graphics at least 24" wide. Speed and sound are not a huge deal for me but quality is. Do to the fact I'm not going to use it every day I want one good enough to work for what I want with out paying for more than I need I was also hoping someone could help explain what the memory is for in a cutter and how it works. Thanks for any advise I appreciate it very much, Mat
  21. That is a good suggestion I think I will call them. I am excited to buy one I just want to make sure to make a good decition
  22. Thanks for the help. Originally I was going to get a SC series but there doesn't seem to be a lot of reviews on it. Now I'm looking at a TC series but there doesn't seem to be a lot of reviews on that either so if anybody has any experience let me know. I don't know if it would be worth the little bit more for the copam, is there a huge quality difference?