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    okay so i picked up the following 25 colors of assorted colors all mostly full 3 thermoflex yellow white and black a bunch of sample stuff........threw most of that stuff away 25 t shirts knife blades screen printing stuff blank white round things ? ??? have no clue what those are blank white mouse pads
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    Decal not sticking to paint! Help

    if you need to make it stick more 3m makes a adhesive for general use i used it for foam seat covers on dirt bikes that might work check lowes or home depot
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    font id please

    anyone know this font
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    Anyone want to help with this TREE

    lets take a more complex approach i would find the kind of tree and the google the tree name and silhouette it should come up
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    Different Plotter?

    no you can cut vinyl and heat transfer on the same machine you just NEED TO REMEMBER TO CUT THE VINYL IN MIRROR you will waste it this stuff isnt cheap
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    Can I heat transfer on this?

    i would suspect reg heat transfer will work,,,,,,but since the holes are big i wouldnt
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    here is my rc car i did for a mask

    i just would rather run dirt oval there really is no onroad oval unless its a parking lot
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    here is my rc car i did for a mask

    i used very simple lay out to make sure it works this is my rc10gt dirt oval car it does a good 45 mph which is plenty fast
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    1st piece powder coated

    lets see the final product i want to do my street bike wheels with suzuki in white so id like to see your product
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    Help Needed - RC Car/Buggy

    i would suggest taking a picture and photo shopping it black and white then vector it then cut them
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    Tri-Color Z71 Marlin Decal NEW!

    and not one of them have a marlin on them ?
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    Race Car

    nice but my question is where is the motor ?
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    new to the forum seeking help!

    have a lot of patience you cant just hop on signblazer and expect perfection in 5 min these thing are a pain in the a$$ and like to fight back lol
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    Got this in trade for a store front

    i had crusin usa in my bedroom when i was a kid.pretty lucky that my dad owned an arcade for years
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    SC series

    i got mine yesterday ?? i hope it works
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    Is this normal?

    i dont think so but vi no mine did the same thing then got aa new blade and it was fine
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    Is this normal?

    looks like the force to hard or you have a dull knife
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    Heat transfer

    me to bandit i hated thermo transfer it sucked compared to easyweed
  19. so i am going to be buying another cutter in the next day or so but i am wanting a starter kit dont ask what happened to the other one family drama........ i wanna get the ebay uscutter start kit is does anyone use the contour cut on the sc plotters or should i just buy the plotter and stick with the mh series and get a 12 color vinyl set but what comes with this kit is corel draw x3 is it worth the money to get the corel draw http://www.ebay.com/itm/34-Vinyl-Cutter-Sign-Cutting-Plotter-w-Tools-Supplies-1-000-Total-Value-/280812251406?_trksid=p5197.m1992&_trkparms=aid%3D111000%26algo%3DREC.CURRENT%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D14%26meid%3D1883830798078087837%26pid%3D100015%26prg%3D1006%26rk%3D1%26
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    profile pic???

    i have tried 3 days in a row what gives with it searched it seems like alot of people have same issue how do i get one uploaded
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    Tri-Color Z71 Marlin Decal NEW!

    i have never seen a z71 logo as you say like that just the letters z71 not the marlin so someone please post a picture of that z71 on a truck ?
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    ebay has them for 100 bucks i have them and they are fine work great
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    I need your vote

    voted 211 voter lol
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    heat press 101...

    all you do i cut it like you would vinyl except vut the dull side of the material you will see what i mean when you have material in front of you make sure you cut it backwards (mirrored) so when you flip it to the shirt its readable then iron it on