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  1. ghettocowboytx

    pcut 630 cant find home

    thats what i was thinking but it still does ugh :-
  2. ghettocowboytx

    pcut 630 cant find home

    err i mean any farther to the right sigh
  3. ghettocowboytx

    pcut 630 cant find home

    the settings havent changed as far as i can see, ive had this cutter a few years and its just now started doing this.....ive went in and reset the "home" position, when i do this wherever the head is at the time it shouldnt go any farther to the left correct?
  4. hello all, I have a pcut 630 that seems to have lost its "home"...ive tried setting the home location manually with no luck whenever it starts cutting it feeds vinyl and then starts drifting to the far right until it trips the e-stop and ideas/suggestions would be great thanx ghetto