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  1. joebiv318

    Windows - Laser Cut

    I didnt set up any offset. Would that be the blade offset? Right now it is at 0.00, you say to try it at0.25? I cant even get my other computer to load up to check the old setting.
  2. joebiv318

    Windows - Laser Cut

    Also after looking at my "test" it appears as though the closing points are pretty sloppy. It was not like that on the other computer? Looks like small "hooks" where the knife just starts to cut and doesn't always come back to close the gap?
  3. joebiv318

    Windows - Laser Cut

    Ok I was able to do this except for the "patch" it seams to be working on first test? What exactly does the patch do?
  4. joebiv318

    Windows - Laser Cut

    I have a new computer with windows 7 (64-bit). What is the BEST Sign Blazer download to do? I have my original disk from like 4 years ago but that must be outdated. I have found many down loads on here but just wondering which one is currently the best? Thanks!
  5. joebiv318

    White Space

    Ok this is just something i found online. If you look at the upper left part of the cross you can see the gap between the cross and the red flame. This is what I'm wanting to do. Now take this one step further...say i want to add a Red outline to that cross and then have the gap to keep the two same colors from overlapping with each other. This is what i did, I out lined the cross once with my out line than i outlined it again for my "space". I then punched through(the flame) and removed the second out line. This left me with the first out line and the white space where the second outline was. This seemed to work fine until you cut it and find that it also punches through the first out line as well and you have an extra "cut". Does anyone know a better way to do this?
  6. joebiv318

    White Space

    So I searched a few different terms and found this...,16104.0.html it works, wish the "white Space" option was there it would be easier but this gets the job done.
  7. joebiv318

    White Space

    I am trying to remove a small space around an overlapping object. Ive tried all the outline and stuff like that but it just leaves a space than another Black outline. I found exactly what I want to do under the SignBlazer help menu. It is called "white space". It says go under arrange, or pick from the tool bar, well its not there. My guess is this is not on the "free trial". Any other way to do this?
  8. joebiv318

    typochondriac font

    Does anyone know where I can get this for free, or a font that is very close?
  9. joebiv318

    how to cut multiple projects at the same time

    Jay, Thank you! This is exactly what I was trying to do!!!
  10. joebiv318

    how to cut multiple projects at the same time

    well that's not really going to work. I'm looking more I have Two 4" decals of a football and Three 7" logos for a company, and One 11" sticker for a window. I want to arrange them to all be cut at the same time, the same color, wasting the least amount of vinyl possible.
  11. I'm trying to cut Three different decals that I have saved in SB at the same time.(same color) When I have One up, and go to open the next one up, the first one disappears? I cant figure this out?
  12. joebiv318

    customer care guide

    thanks!! exactly what i've been looking for!
  13. joebiv318

    customer care guide

    does anyone have a guide that they give their customers after you apply the vinyl to their vehicles on how to care for it that you wouldn't mind sharing? i just want to be able to cover all my bases so that my customers will be well informed and not come back at me and say something like "you never told me not to pressure wash it" thanks
  14. Well I got the new mother board and my cutter is now working again I was hoping that the mother board would make my laser work since it never worked but that is not the case. Also on a side note... Found it, thank you. New part will ship out today. This was on 9-4, when really the part wasn't shipped till 9-11 one week or 5 business days later. That's 12 business days after they received it, not including the holiday. Now I know ken gets the dirty end of the stick on theses forums and Levi said Ken was gone that week, but there is a shipping dept. This is a recurring problem, maybe someone should look into it.
  15. It was sent from Union Dale Pa 18470 here is the tracking info if that helps... Label/Receipt Number: 0306 3030 0001 2960 3147 Status: Delivered Your item was delivered at 12:09 PM on August 25, 2008 in WOODINVILLE, WA 98072.