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  1. rdrgrafix2

    Looking to sub out a printing job

    I was gonna say dakota I think I quoted that before too
  2. rdrgrafix2

    How do I prepare for this?

    I would send them to another member on here and have them print them. You can still mark them up and make a profit even with shipping. There is many of us that print and love to team up with other members on jobs. Keeps some coin in everyones pocket and also makes it where everyones shops can offer more products and profit more
  3. rdrgrafix2


    For me it depends on how complicated the logos are. Also the quantity. I send most of my art out to have another place vector them. They charge me x amount to do them but a lot of times I can send three or four logos in one file and they will do all four for that price. So basically its on a per case basis
  4. I have come to the point where I will not reuse faces. If you charge a flat rate to scrape and clean them you get screwed. If you do it hourly then issues a rise with the customers when they get the hourly bill mainly because they are cheap and dont realize ahead of time exactly how much it is going to cost them when you say up to five hours each. If they dont want to pay for new acrylic send them down the road to the backyard sign shop and let them deal with it
  5. rdrgrafix2

    Slightly off-kilter

    Hey wait thats off kilter lol I am anal like that myself and honestly have found that ninety nine percent of customers will never even notice it and that I need to kind of calm down on beating myself up for it
  6. rdrgrafix2

    Mobile Sign Shop

    I have my trailer with its own electrical panel and it has a gfi built right into the panel so I can either plug into a non gfi outlet on site or I can get hardwired if there is a gfi outlet. Its nice cause it protects the whole trailer in one shot. One circuit is the lights and the other is the cutter and sublimation equipment. I also built my trailer from scratch so I did not have to worry about gutting it. The whole wall on the one side opens up to be an 18 foot long and seven foot wide awning.
  7. rdrgrafix2

    Mobile Sign Shop

    I have a trailer I do the same thing out of. I can tell ya that you are going to want to gut quite a lot of it becuase it seems like you have room till you actually start using it. Also make sure you have the electrical all worked out because certain places you go have certain requirements.
  8. rdrgrafix2

    volume coroplast yard signs

    Plus with them doing every order is shipped overnight and you can place orders till midnight to run the next day its awesome
  9. rdrgrafix2

    Wet Install 641.

    I never have.
  10. rdrgrafix2

    volume coroplast yard signs

    mumpower signs is good if it is one or two color on each side, If you have to do one with more than two colors signs365 is cheaper
  11. rdrgrafix2

    Banner Question

    Sub it out and make money without having to do anything and have it printed
  12. rdrgrafix2

    step by step cutting?

    Signblazer does have tiling btw
  13. rdrgrafix2

    slammed box truck needed

    Thanks skarecrow but I am looking for something that isint a flat nose. Even if its not slammed just a good vector to start with and i can take it from there
  14. rdrgrafix2

    Sign Blazer not cutting project

    Check and make sure that you have the hole thing selected. it sounds like it is cutting it in tiles.