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  1. I've sent you an email to the USCutter address. I appreciate this. This type of support is one reason I'm glad I chose USCutter over the others out there. Thanks again! Jeff Ward
  2. Hi Ken! I don't know if you rmeember or not, but I had the PCut that when you tried to advance the vinyl, the unit would reboot. The posts were in September. I found out the carbon trace from the touchpad to the connector at the ribbon cable was the proble,. Well, it's done it again. Instead of removing the plug and hard soldering each trace from the carbon to the ribbon, could I get a replacement touchpad assembly? What do I need to do. Thanks! Jeff Ward
  3. mastertec


    Thanks for the graphic!
  4. It appears that you may be onto something with the loose connection. I took the keyboard section apart. I checked the hardline connection to the ribbon cable socket from the key membrane and all seemed OK. I then pushed gently on the flat ribbon cable socket, both inserting the cable and making sure the teeth inside the socket reseated. I have not had the reboot issue so far. It has been 3 days now. So far so good. Hopefully, that will take care of the problem. if not, I'll let you know.
  5. Sorry for the delay in response. I'll check those things before I call. Thanks.
  6. Hi Ken! The rebooting issue has reared its ugly head again. Remember, whenever you take the unit offline and attempt to advance the vinyl forward, the unit reboots, performs it checksum test and comes back up. The unit cuts normally and moves the vinyl back and forth just fine. We thought it could possibly be the keyboard. Should I call you to discuss this? Thanks!
  7. mastertec

    PCut Reboot Issue

    Ken, I think I figured it out. The reset button on the control panel and the down arrow button must be on the key matrix. On a whim, I pressed the reset button itself. After rebooting, normal operation of the down arrow was restored. Maybe the reset button was leaking a little on the touchpad and confusing the CPU? Anyhow, operation is normal right now. I'll monitor and let you know. Thanks for the response.
  8. mastertec

    PCut Reboot Issue

    When you press the down arrow to advance the material, the platen moves about one rotation and stop. When you release the down arrow, the unit reboots, comes up and says PCUT and does its memory checksum test. All other buttons function normally in movement. Any ideas?
  9. Hi All! I purchased a PCut from a few months ago from USCutter. An unusual problem showed up last night. I had the unit offline and was going to advance the vinyl when the display on the PCut showed a reboot. No problem I thought, I just reset the unit by turning it off and on. Same thing occurred. The motor will attempt to advance the vinyl about a quarter of an inch before rebooting. The unusual part of all this is that the unit still cuts normally. I can move the cutter head back and forth and I can move vinyl back into the machine, just can't advance it out without rebooting. Any ideas?
  10. mastertec

    Vectorizing Help

    Both examples look good guys. I had not thought about the fill to aid in the vectorizing. I'll remember that from now on. Cybersultan, your example looks like what I had in mind. I can work with both of these. Thanks guys!
  11. mastertec

    Vectorizing Help

    Hi Guys! I need a little assistance on this one. I tried converting the image in Inkscape and came back with over 3200 nodes. If I use the EPS file and save it as Version 8 in Illustrator, it develops some extraneous bars when imported into SignBlazer. All I really need is the outline and the face since I going to cut it in 2 colors. Can someone offer some advice? I know the answer is staring me in the face, but you know what they say about snakes. Thanks in advance. fratlogocolor.eps fratlogocolor.eps