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  1. ohiovalleygrafx

    CP-2500 Blade Problem

    I've checked the blade the blade depth and changed the blade. New blade will work fine for about 15 min then it starts it again.
  2. I got a 2500 a couple months ago and recently when I cut out a design its not completing the cut. It like the blade is jumping around cause it to perforate the cut instead of a clean cut. If I change the blade it cuts fine for awhile then it starts doing it again. anyidea why its doing it? It change the pressure and speed also to see if it would stop. I didn't.
  3. ohiovalleygrafx

    Adding pinch roller

    Is it possible to add a third pinch roller to a 2500? I'm having trouble with the vinyl lifting in the middle and thought a third pinch roller would solve the problem.