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  1. This is the version that has ALL cutters listed, not just the cutters sold by USC. It is the trial version but fully functional. So far, I am not sdeeing the 'count down' but who knows. feel free to will stay up for 60 days, but will continue to stay up as long as someone downloads it every 30 days. edit: For some reason teh file is no longer there. I am checking into it. Meanwhile, it can be had here:
  2. BannerJohn

    US Cutter Grommet Press

    Several people have asked me about the grommet press that USC is now offering: I don't recommend anything until I see it and try it out. So, I managed to get one. Here are my thoughts: It's a bit smaller than my current press, but just as heavy and sturdy. A bit tight between the dies if you have very large fingers.That is the only thing bad I can say about it. This is by far the best deal I've seen in a long time. The cost ($45 shipped) is about what you would expect to pay for the grommets alone anywhere else, and it comes with 1000 sets! The grommets themselves are just the right size for banners, with nice height on the hats...high enough for coroplast. The rings are better than any I have used..they actually dig into the material,and the fit is absolutely tight as a drum head! No need to go after with a hammer to tighten them down. The upper die appears to be magnetized which helps a LOT in placing the rings. And the price on the refill grommets is about half lower than anyone,anywhere..that I have seen. I have no idea how this will hold up over time, but so far I am very impressed,especially for the price. I can recommend this grommet press without hesitation,to anyone looking for a good, inexpensive press.
  3. Well I've had 24 hours now to check it out,tweek it,play with it,etc. Here is what I think,compared to my other plotter as a reference(which cost a LOT more): It is fairly sturdy and well built. Certainly well designed. I am going to add another pinch roller..not that I think it needs it but I am just used to 4. It works well,is quiet compared to my other one,though probably not as quiet as a Roland costing 5 or 10 times as much. It does the job. From what I can see,it is easy to work on if something goes wrong. In short,for the money it is a good fact it would be a good machine at twice the price. Signcut....seems to be a good program once you get to know the ins and outs of it. I am used to Flexi but for the price,it's not bad at all. And the customer service (for signcut) is outstanding. Advice for a first time buyer...get the MH721...go elsewhere on ebay and get Flexi starter edition for $99 and you will have a great combination of machine/software. Flexi is easier for first timers,I think. If you already are experienced,stick with Signcut.It really is a decent program. A combination of the two along with Inskscape gives you just about everything you could ask for. I can recommend the MH721 without hesitation,based on what I have seen so far. One bit of advice..I used USB to connect and had to chose com port '5' before it would work,so try them all.
  4. BannerJohn


    OK is the link to all of your PARTS well as supplies,and software. If a part isn't listed that you need, do not fret,worry, or despair..they may well carry it but are just out of stock. If they don't carry it, they can probably get it for you. Anyway,here is where you can go to find out: can buy cutters there too.
  5. BannerJohn

    Excellent Flexi tutorial

    this is an excellent (and long) Flexi Tutorial. Bear in mind that it is for Flexi PRO but many of the features work in STARTER as well. IT's not a 3 minute youtube, but around an hour long. To watch on a Mac you have to download and install a plug-in,but works fine on Windows.
  6. BannerJohn

    help please

    send me the image via message and I will do my best to vectorize it and send it back as a cuttable image.
  7. BannerJohn

    Copy Cat software i found

    I think I'll just go back to the beach
  8. BannerJohn

    New Moderator

    is there anything else to do in Ottumwa?
  9. BannerJohn

    New Forum Feedback

    it always takes awhile to get used to something new.....says a man with 4 ex wives.
  10. BannerJohn

    Is this it?

    Looking good so far...mostly
  11. BannerJohn

    need help!

    I thought the same thing.
  12. BannerJohn

    Hold on to your shorts guys and gals

    I am going to bed and will hunt down and kill anyone who wakes me up.
  13. Signblazer ended when Jerry died because Jerry WAS Signblazer. He personally wrote all of the drivers..every single one.I spoke to him not long before he died and he was in the process of working on the USB drivers.
  14. BannerJohn

    Did some turning on the lathe today

    very nice! I'll leave the pens to turners with better eyes than me and stick to bowls and such.
  15. BannerJohn

    ever have one of those nights

    I thought Graphtecs were perfect in every way
  16. My heart breaks for you...I know how much he meant to you and I know what it feels like.
  17. BannerJohn

    Garage Sale find of the day!

    all I found was a big George Fireman grill with removable plates. NOt that I am complaining.
  18. BannerJohn

    Lost CD - FlexiSTARTER LiYu/Refine Edition

    totally dead means they have to take the platter and place it in a new drive to recover. Last time I inquired, it started at $1000 and went up. Better just buy a new copy.
  19. BannerJohn

    A few minutes of my Saturday

    I occasionally get lucky but not THAT lucky. YOu did REAL good. Wilton makes a good vise. I have one
  20. when it goes to left and slams it usually means the setting isn't right for cutting width and it's looking for more width and not finding it. I had this happen once. Other than that I can't help. My Titan2 is going strong after 2 years and I keep hoping it will die so I can retire. No such luck. Call USC Mon and IF you can find a tech person who actually knows anything about the might get lucky.
  21. BannerJohn

    This is why we work late hours 7 days a week -

    shut up..just shut up!!!!
  22. BannerJohn

    My cutter wont even start

    I have a Lattitude D520 with XP for back up. I've bought about 10 of them on ebay for around $30
  23. BannerJohn

    Clean cut blades--which one??

    The TItan and Titan II BOTH shipped with a roland style holder. They told you wrong
  24. BannerJohn

    Prayers for mr 300's

    Sad news.
  25. BannerJohn


    perfectly normal for this time of the month. It has been this way for quite awhile and the big boss at USC is aware of it.