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    Using SC Series with Ubuntu?

    Has anyone done it before? It doesnt see to know im pluging my cutter in? any onfo would be great!
  2. Harpstart

    Newish, SC Cutter Help.

    Well I Grounded out the Cutter to the stand (a little Powder coat sanding had to be done) Pulled the blade and have been running test runs on my 20" diameter project and so far no hiccups. Now I guess I just need to grab a Keyspan Adapter, Any sugestion on which one to get, or are they all the same?
  3. Harpstart

    Newish, SC Cutter Help.

    Thanks Skeeter I will work with it when I get home, I cant beleve I didnt see that support thread
  4. Harpstart

    Newish, SC Cutter Help.

    Hello First like to say I have done many of searches before I decided to post. Okay so my Problems, 1. Cutting across work Randomly 2. Stopping in the middle of bigger projects From the searches I have done it seems I need to Ground my Cutter to the stand and get a Keyspan Adapter because my laptop does not have a serial port. Here is what I am using if the helps. SC series 34" Cutter, Sign Cut Pro, Connected Via USB I have cut a lot of sticker in the short couple of months I have owned it, and I love it but my patience has been running thin when it comes to not finishing orders and wasting vinyl. ANY Tips or tricks would be helpful and hopefully we can sticky this topic so that anyone else searching for this problem(s) will have it solved