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  1. graphicguy

    trailerhood sign

    thanks, much appreciated!
  2. graphicguy

    trailerhood sign

    I made this for a friends birthday from FDC etched glass vinyl. The barbed wire part was a bear to weed but I finally got through it and I think it looks awesome. They are members of a camper community down by th beach and built an outside bar which has become pretty popular in the trailerhood. The image is mirrored and applied to the back of the glass.
  3. Hello Everyone, I need to get a price for having a full color decal printed up. It will be approx. 2' x 3' and for outdoor application so it will have to be laminated. The graphic will be something similar to the JPEG attached. I will need just one but give a price for two also. Thanks
  4. graphicguy

    sign template

    Thank you very much Midwaste for the link and for your home made version. I will be putting one together soon. Thanks sooooooo much.
  5. graphicguy

    sign template

    Hey all, A while back I saw a post on here about a home made frame out of pvc for doing 18 x 24 signs. Basically a frame that you can use to save on app. tape and adhere the decal right to the sign quickly. Did a couple of searches to no avail. Help please. Home made version of a production piece of course. Love the ingenuity and skill of the members.
  6. graphicguy

    removing old graphics

    Thanks for the advise. The decals are on both sides of 2 sheriff dept. motorcycle fuel tanks. They are not that big so it shouldn't be that bad but it never hurts to ask for advise from the more experienced on this forum. Once again thx.
  7. graphicguy

    Doodge SS/T graphic

    Awesome showandgo. This saved me a bunch of time. Hope I can return the favor down the road!!!!! thanks!
  8. graphicguy

    removing old graphics

    I have a job coming up that will require me to remove an old graphic. Any tips on the best method and or fluids used to remove the old graphic and left over adhesive would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  9. graphicguy

    My Copam 24" tracks terribly on long jobs...

    I use the same method as Mars. Always run some out to double check.
  10. graphicguy

    Doodge SS/T graphic

    I have a friend that just repainted his SS/T Ram truck and is wanting me to remake the SS/T decal to go on the hood. He traced it before he repainted the truck but it is going to be a nightmare to clean up...hours. So...I was wondering if anyone might have the vector. I tried searching for it online and could not find anything that would be good to work with. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  11. I have two jobs to get quotes. The first needs to be digital printed and contour cut on reflective material...if at all possible. I will need four pieces approx. 15"x7". The job needs to be installed by the 15th of this month so please let me know if you are interested. The second is another full color print and contour cut but on regular white vinyl stock for outdoor signage. The size will be approx. 2' x 4'. Contact me if you are interested in either job, it would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  12. graphicguy

    latest truck job

    Completed this job over last weekend. Does anyone know why the wind inevitably picks up when you are doing an install...especially with large pieces? Let me know what you guys/gals think.
  13. graphicguy

    Recent van job

    Thanks everyone. I got $650 for it. After going through the install I realized that I need to raise my prices. It took 9 hours so I didn't make a whole lot from this job...I agree $1K is more like the right price.
  14. graphicguy

    Recent van job

    Just wanted to post a job that I completed recently. Three color job...all lettering has a black border around it. Let me know what you guys/gals think. The owner loved it and handed me a check. Thanks once again for all the awesome help and knowledge I have gotten from this forum.
  15. graphicguy

    two color applications

    I have a job coming up for applying 2 color lettering to a work van. My question is how do most of you apply? Do you layer the colors prior to the install or do you do it during the install? I had layered a 2 color job prior to the install and I got some bubbles on the bottom color where the top color and bottom color meet. Didn't get enough pressure with the squeegee when applying where the 2 colors meet due to the thickness of the top color. On the same note what transfer tape do you guys use for layering multiple colors. Currently I am using a clear matte finished tape from FDC but the material really tunnels and bubbles up when there is a change in temp. before I can get it applied. Makes it much more nerve racking to apply. Please advise if any of you guys/gals experience this with your clear app.tape. If not please share what type you use. Thanks for your help once again. This forum has helped me in so many ways and it is greatly appreciated!