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    my first attempt at a logo

    I like it. Simple and fun.
  2. joey1320

    My First Door

    Awesome work!
  3. joey1320

    Just decided to do this Dragon

  4. joey1320

    First cut of my new logo

  5. joey1320

    Some shirts I made with my new press

    Nice details on the smaller items. Great job. Ever since I got my equipment I have been making stuff for myself and have only made a couple of things for profit lol.
  6. joey1320

    First job

    Cool logos man!
  7. joey1320


    I have recently decided to get into the t-shirt industry and I'm currently working on my own "brand". I'm using Stahls Fashion Film and have washed the sample shirts as randomly as possible, meaning I'm not following any instructions and just throwing them in the wash with whatever. I've yet to get any peeling after 2-3 washes each. It all depends on your install procedures, if you follow them to the tee(pun) you should be ok -- of course this depends on your equipment. I have a cheapo china heat press, so instead of 160 degrees celsius, Im using 162 and I may switch to 165. You just have to test different settings in order to get the perfect finish. Good luck!
  8. joey1320

    Me again - more cutting problems - MH-871

    Okay, finally figured out the problem -- it was the software. I was using Roland's DR. Stika 2.2 and even though it cuts, it doesn't give me a "weld" function as in SBE. So I gave SBE a try last nite and printed the VW logo and it came out perfectly with a .20mm offset ont he blade. Thanks to everyone who tried to help, sorry if it was a stupid mistake on my part. I hope others learn from it. Joey
  9. joey1320

    Recent work

    Wow, great work!!
  10. joey1320

    Me again - more cutting problems - MH-871

    By speed 4, do you mean 400ms?
  11. joey1320

    Need Software Help Fast

    I will add another super simple cutting software that the OP can use for letters/numbers. That would be -- Roland's Dr. Stika 1.8 Yes, I know it is old but it's so simple my 3year old niece could run it with no problems. You can find it here - download link is at the bottom of the page. I'm currently using it just for simple stuff and it works great. If the OP has a UScutter, he can just use the driver's on the Fusion page with no problems.
  12. joey1320

    Me again - more cutting problems - MH-871

    I'll try the pen tonite and see what happens. Can I ask, what pressure setting do you use for the SuperFilm?
  13. I had posted another similar question regarding my brand-new MH-871 cutting curves erratically and that turned out to be a font issue as opposed to a cutter issue. Well after changing fonts and messing around with the settings, I'm now getting a better finish on my curves but it is skipping/tapping when making them. Anytime I cut a "P" or an "O", which are two of the letters on a friends logo, while cutting the curves, the blade start tapping against the vinyl which causes a dotted cut, which then looks bad after weeding. I tried adjusting the blade, the pressure, the speed and I tried a small amount of oil on the bladeholder for proper lubrication. I'm using CADCUT's Super Film which is insanely thin, if that matters. I haven't tried using the pen plotter to see if it does it, so I'll try that tonite. But in the meantime, any ideas as to what it could be? Thanks for the support. Joey