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    MacBook Funny stickers?

    Thank you everybody, i will look at these templates. OWJones: this is exactly that kind of stickers that i am looking for, do you know where to find?
  2. mrrask

    MacBook Funny stickers?

    Hi everybody. I have a webshop producing skins and basically much more, but I am trying to upload some new products, which should bee funny stickers for macbook, iPad and iPhone, but where do i find these funny vector files? Does anybody know any website where I can buy od download several funny vector files? Thanks in advance
  3. Hi all. Does anybody know if it is possible to buy carbon fiber vinyl in different colors like purple, pink, lime green etc from 3m, avery, oracal or Hexis? I have seen that some are selling skins an covers for I-devices in colored carbon fiber vinyl from 3m, but i can find any place to buy the color carbon fiber vinyl. I can't even find it on 3m website. So please if somebody know a place to buy this colored carbon fiber vinyl be kind to tell me where. Thanks in advance.
  4. Okay. Thanks for information. But i talk to HP before buying this printer and they told me that this printer could print on vinyl or self adhesive film all that it need was a transparent overlayer after printing. BTW, in my oppinion 196.500,00 DKK dosent sound cheap at all :/
  5. Okay, now I am a bit confused. Can I buy non water resistend ink or what am i gonna doo then?
  6. I have talk to canon denmark and they told me that i have to laminate it with a clear film in order to prevent the peel.
  7. Yes all my cutting models are tested with sign cut to fits the summa calibration that signcut have. But im pretty new to contour cutting, so i dident know how that works or if it is possible at all. The meaning is that my customers can upload an image and then i will print and cut it to fit their tablet, PC og smartphone. I also have Flexi10 pro but it is only for windows, and can I contour cut with flexi10 or which is best for my project? Sorry but I am quiet new to this. :/
  8. I can see that i got the z6110ps 60", which means that i have the build in RIP. When the RIP is build in can I then use Photoshop for the printing part or will caldera, shiraz og ONYZ be a better soloution when I want a print and cut solution for my skins and covers?
  9. Hi Knuckelhead. The company i bought this printer by, told me that is was only the 42" z6100 without built in rip. But luckely when i go to information about the plotter it stand that is is the 60 inch z6100 ps version with build in RIP. When the RIP is build in i dont neew a software whith build in RIP?
  10. Okay. I have vinyl it can print on, but i have to laminate it, which is not a problem. BTW. Do you mean the best software to do this in is flexisign? Problem is that flexisign is souch a cheap software?
  11. Hi all. I have been cutting for a while, but now i also have bought my first large format printer which is a HP Designjet Z6100. What i dont know yet is how to use it for print and cut. Does anybody know a guide or anything else who show me how to do that? I am using signcut x2 for cutting, but what about printing? And can I cut with registration marks through signcut or how does it work? Thanks in advance.
  12. <p>Okay, that was my next question, but you already answered me, i will look after a plotter with a servo motor </p> <p> </p> <p>Thanks. </p> <div id="myEventWatcherDiv" style="display:none;"> </div>
  13. I dont know anything about graptech cutters. Whats i the price for a graptech cutter and are der other very good alternatives? I donknow much about cutter manufactors other than roland (now) graptech, jaguar, zumma and puma?
  14. <p>Now i understand. </p> <p>Thanks MZ skeeter. </p> <p> </p> <p>Yes yiu ar probably right i have had some troubles with the cutter, but some of the issue was my fault. But i am looking for at new plotter, I would rather prefer a roland or something like that. </p> <p> </p> <p>BTW. there is no vinyl sticking to the knurled roller. </p> <div id="myEventWatcherDiv" style="display:none;"> </div>
  15. Hi MZ Skeeter I am using 3M Di-noc, which is 1.26 meter, and the cutting wide is 120 cm. is this to wide or. What did you mean by you dont state? Hi Jay. Im am not sure what you mean by the gnurled area of the roller. Sorry i dont understand but will you please try to explain it in other words?