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  1. No. It also happens on the vehicle body. On my truck, I put some on the back windows and the side door and the window ones peeled a lot and the one on the door peeled a little bit on the edges. Another vehicle, the entire window decal almost came off and the body ones are starting to peel up in some spots. It was two different reflective rolls because I had to re do that truck once already.
  2. Any clue what could be wrong? Still peeling even on different vehicles. Could my cutter not be cutting it right. I have used a new 60 degree blade and put more pressure.
  3. DC Custom

    cutting strip

    Did you get your problem resolved?
  4. <blockquote class='ipsBlockquote'data-author="mb20music" data-cid="410883" data-time="1452149200"><p> If it was low 60's then dropped to lower night time cooler temperatures that could be the issue...<br /> <br /> Oracal recommends 59˚ F minimum install temps on 5600 and a few of their other reflective films.<br /> <br /> <br /> Also, were the surfaces prepped properly?</p></blockquote> Yes prepped properly. I did however notice after cutting the reflective, it was a bit difficult to weed. I'm not sure if I remember correctly, or if I'm just thinking it, but when I pulled it, I think I saw glue peeling up as I was weeding. I'm not sure if I didn't have pressure set hard enough.
  5. Nope. It was warm. 60's
  6. So I am having a problem with my reflective. On some parts, (on the vehicle/glass) the edges are starting to lift up. Oracal 5600 red and white. Not sure what the problem is. It happened on a couple different decals on different vehicles. Any thought on what's causing it?
  7. DC Custom

    Basketball Court Temporary Vinyl

    I actually found a place that prints them for that reason. Wonder if I do get them done, I can have them sign a release...
  8. I was approached by the High School basketball coach and was asked if I can do some temporary floor decals. It's the 100th year of school basketball and he wanted to put something on the floor stating that. It needs to be slip resistant. Has anyone done anything like this before and what did you use? Thanks!
  9. DC Custom

    4x4 Splash Wrap

    Did you design that splash design yourself? (Might be a crazy question!)
  10. DC Custom

    Oracal 651 on Walls

    Would rt high tack application tape work to install? I'm going to cut one and try it before I quote them on the job.
  11. DC Custom

    Post your backlit signs with regular vinyl

    Digging up old threads here, but what if I use 751 red on a backlit sign. What would it look like when lit up? All I have in stock is that and I'm renting a lift to do my sister in laws salon signs on Sunday and another guy wanted his backlit signs done but just with cut vinyl. Will it be readable at night? Just not in color? I have to get her signs up that day and I'm not going to spend $250 twice for two days of lift renting!
  12. DC Custom

    Cutter for parallel lines

    Did you ever get the machine and cut stripes?!?!
  13. DC Custom

    Keyspan Adapter not working

    It would just say initializing and would freeze when I would hit cut. I messed with it some more after getting off the phone with him. I got it to say it was sent to the cutter and the green bar would go up and disappear, but the cutter wouldn't cut.
  14. DC Custom

    Keyspan Adapter not working

    I'm having the same exact problem. Do you remember who you talked to? The guy that helped me, wasn't able to figure it out.