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    Soft Shell Jackets

    Does anyone know a good place to get soft shell jackets? kind of like the north face ones? also has anyone heat pressed material on them? I bought one last fall at a fleet store for $20 on sale, guess i should have bought a bunch of them
  2. Hello, im just starting to use CorelDraw for designing graphics, I have ve lxi expert software that I have been using. im designing race car graphics and I can make them using a template in draw, but I want to bring the design into my software to cut the different graphics, i'll attach a picture of a simple design of a flame decal, it is a larger decal I placed where I wanted, but there is some of the design that runs off the car and is hidden due to the template. I only want to cut what shows on the car, not all the extra of the design, or if I can possibly cut a few inches extra to help when installing them. Would it be best to powerclip the flame into the outline of the car, then just export it? not sure what works best, im sure it would be easier if I were printing the design but don't have the capabilities for that yet, just cut vinyl. Thank you for any advice and help.