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  1. Everyone...thanks for all the help!! I did get it to work last night!! I switched out the USB cable that came with the PCUT with one that I had and the computer immediately recognized the cutter! Got to do my first project!! Ken...can I get a new USB cable?? The one I had is quite short and just temporary..... Also, if possible can I get a copy of the invoice...didn't find one with the boxes that were shipped. Thanks Again! Tom
  2. When I try to update the driver using the disc in the manner described in the instructions i get a message "the wizard was not able to find better software than is already installed for your harware" and the cutter remains as unknown device on the list under "universal serial bus controllers"
  3. Unfortunately, under Ports(com and lpt) the cutter is no longer listed. Nothing is listed except my printer. It is now listed under the USB serial bus controller on one of the USB ports with title "unknown device"....
  4. Popeye...thanks for the reply! I did try rebooting the computer and it did say "found new hardware" but immediately switches to "USB Device Malfunction" without allowing the normal screen to be brought up. I went to device manager and it lists the cutter as "unknown device". When I try to re-install the USB driver it says that no better driver can be found when I direct it to the USB driver on the disc that came with the cutter. This is exactly the same as the scenario in the link I posted. Unfortunately, the thread did not list the resolution :'(
  5. Basically very similar to this situation but no resolution was offered in the topic.....HELP! http://forum.uscutter.com/index.php/topic,5551.0.html
  6. Hello...a novice here having some difficulty getting my machine to get started on my first project. I set up the machine exactly to the instructions and got my computer to recognize the cutter. Then I had to shut down for the night and I unplugged the USB cord. Next day I worked with SignBlazer and got my first project together. When I went back to hook-up the cutter I get a message on my computer "USB Device malfunction" and it refers to the cutter as "unknown device". The system (Windows XP) will not let me install the USB driver as before. It just installs a driver itself and no port is recognized. HELP!!! Any ideas??