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    Turbocharger Vectors Turbo

    Just looking for some turbocharger vectors. Thanks!
  2. Gear Head

    USCUTTER SC Setup ?

    Just got my USCUTTER 34" SC setup and I'm having issues with the vinyl getting pulled up when cutting. The graphic is pretty detailed. I'm cutting it out at 5" tall. I'm using Greenstar vinyl and some Oracal 651. What settings should I run? Speed, Pressure, Blade depth. I searched but didn't come up with anything. Thanks ahead of time.
  3. 100 speed is to slow and 200 is a little to fast. Can I slow it down to 150? Thanks
  4. Gear Head

    First 2 color decal...what happened?

    Yeah I would get rid of that box.
  5. Gear Head

    Need a Hot Rod eps

    Need a hot rod / rat rod eps. Let me know what you got. T-bucket Thanks!
  6. My brothers graduating from FSU and I want to make something for his cap he'll be wearing. Proud of him even though I'm a Gator fan. Go Gators!
  7. Gear Head

    Need Florida State Seminole Head EPS

    Yeah thats the one. thanks
  8. Gear Head

    Eagle Head

  9. Gear Head

    First cuts

    What cutter are you using?
  10. Gear Head

    USCUTTER SC Setup ?

    top53 That's what I used to setup the machine. I think it's just to get you rolling. Now I just need to fine tune it. I've been messing with it a little more. Set the blade to wear I can barely see it. 800 mm/s at 2gs. Cutting it at 5" tall. Couple of the teeth details are coming up but that's about it. Going to mess with it a little more.
  11. Gear Head

    USCUTTER SC Setup ?

    I have it at half a credit card's thickness. It's clean until it start cutting then it starts to pick up vinyl sometimes. Picture posted in previous post.
  12. Gear Head

    USCUTTER SC Setup ?

    800 mm/s at 12 g Tried 100 mm/s at 1 g with same results. This is a 3" tall.
  13. Gear Head

    SC cutter help section?

    I got one too. Don't know where to start looking.
  14. Gear Head

    Turbocharger Vectors Turbo

    Thanks guys. Anyone else?
  15. Looking for the font in this emblem. Thanks!
  16. Yeah it's all good. Saw the 13 spam posts. npace have that font but it's just isn't close enough.
  17. Gear Head

    sign cut illustrator plugin+cs5

    Figured it out. Once the plugin is downloaded. You need to go into your plugins folder for Ai, then the Extensions folder, then place the plugin there. Hope this helps someone down the road.