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  1. I need to use the laserpoint with my laptop. Installed the driver and device manager shows com 11, 12, or 13 depending on which usb port I connect to. SB does not show any of these com ports in cutter setup. What's up?
  2. cbs1963

    transfer cracks after first wash

    Every heat transfer paper is a little different to use. It would be best to contact the supplier and see if they have a solution. If not, make sure your heat press is actually showing the correct temp. Too much heat can be a bad thing. I would also try pre and post stretching. Wait the full 24 hours as well to rule it out.
  3. cbs1963

    Best way to go for shirts

    What your describing is fibrillation. It's the cotton fibers breaking and showing through the print. It's not a fault of the print method but the material.
  4. cbs1963

    JPSS and Heat Press Vinyl

    Hey Ramy, you should be able to do the same thing with just JPSS. The background would be a lighter grey scale image with dark black lettering layered on top. That would eliminate one step and some weeding. and some cost as well in materials.
  5. cbs1963

    Goe knight

    Say Cohort sounds like your handle assembly might need some tightening if you can bump it out of shape. Surely your not talking about bending the metal?
  6. cbs1963

    In over my head with this

    Hey Jay, while in the work space isn't it necessary to select the graphic and use the "cut mask" icon before selecting "cutter"? Some times when I go to "cutter" I have to set the vinyl size for cutting in there also. For me it's easier to set the text up in Corel, and export to SBE. Hope this helps.
  7. cbs1963

    Copam 4050 & Vista

    Can you get a Serial card, that uses the expansion port on your laptop, that is Vista Compatible? Have you contacted support to check for a driver update? Make sure you know which Vista, 32 or 64 bit, you have. To check put the mouse pointer on "computer" and right click, then left click on "properties" look under "system" then "system type" on the screen. When I upgraded to a new computer I became so enraged with Vista and my equipment that I bought a new XP computer locally. Now I have one computer to run T-shirt equipment, another for personal use. All my problems were solved. Hope this helps. Welcome to the forum. On this forum there are people who can literally take the cutters a part and put them back together. Keep asking, be patient, you'll eventually get what you need.
  8. cbs1963

    Longevity of vinyl transfers?!?

    Hey Metatrox, first try more pressure, then up the temp a little. More than 15 seconds with easy weed is overkill. Find some store like Harbor Freights that sells inexpensive infrared thermometers and get one. Use it to test your heat platen looking for cooler temps. All sides, front, back, center should be within a few degrees of each other. Your platen might have cold spots which would negatively affect your pressings. If the setting and actual temps are different you can adjust until the right temp is achieved. When pressing shirts a few degrees hotter won't matter, but a few degrees too cool will prevent proper transfer. Hope this helps.
  9. cbs1963

    Looking for good heat transfer paper

    For inkjet printers, JetPro Sofstretch is very popular. Many carry it; is one site.
  10. cbs1963

    Most Profitable?

    It seems that wall vinyl is the easiest with good profit. Then large t-shirt orders and business signs offer better profits. I like the wall words idea. I can do shirts. As for business signs, I don't have much space, would making small banner's using pre-cut material and coroplast signs be a decent place to start.
  11. cbs1963

    Vinyl colors

    Thanks for the great information. I need all the help I can get. Thanks again.
  12. cbs1963

    Most popular t-shirt colors

    I have been thinking this too. I don't have the space or money for many shirts. Take orders then order shirts, keeping a few on hand for quickies. I like that idea.
  13. cbs1963

    Most Profitable?

    What do you think is the easiest and most profitable use for a cutter? They do all kinds of things, what makes the most sense starting out?
  14. cbs1963

    Vinyl colors

    I have a very limited budget. What are the colors in t-shirt vinyl I would use most?
  15. Hi JGF, search youtube for vinyl making videos. Josh at imprintables warehouse did some good videos with the roland cutter that shows the process. I know yours is a copam, but process will generally be the same. The best way to start seems to me would be to make some simple design in coreldraw or other graphic program. Then export the design to the cutting program, set the size, mask the design, and set weeding settings. Then cut. Even cutting a simple box is a good start. Don't be afraid to play with the machine. You'll need to test cut settings for each type of vinyl due to varying thickness. Sign vinyl is different from heat press t-shirt vinyl and applies differently, and generally costs less as well. You can buy t-shirt vinyl by the foot to test or try. Play around and post more questions. Hope this helps.