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    Is there a sealer to use...

    We use MDO boards on alot of signs, after a good base coat of paint and applying the vinyl we have never had a need to do anything else, some of our signs have lasted up to 7 to 8 years outside year around before showing any signs of wear or fading.
  2. rzrtrav

    newest Banner

    What is that font called?
  3. rzrtrav

    newest Banner

    Looks good!
  4. rzrtrav

    Storage locker

    Okay, made the spelling change, thanks for all of the positive feedback!
  5. rzrtrav

    Storage locker

    It is matte white vinyl, and to tone down the bright new look, I sprayed the same flat black spray paint used on the cabinet onto a paper towel and just rubbed over the decal after it was applied, hoping for the "coal dust" look.
  6. rzrtrav

    Storage locker

    Darn it, I looked at that a thousand times! I know what I'm doing tomorrow! Thanks for catching that, not the first time that's happened!
  7. rzrtrav

    Storage locker

    We bought this locker at an auction over the winter and finally got around to stripping it down and repainting it and of course making decals for it! My grandfather actually was a miner at Black Star Coal Camp back in the 50's.
  8. rzrtrav


    Sharp! Nice work!
  9. rzrtrav

    An Exercise in Weeding

    Took forever!
  10. rzrtrav

    First cut on the new cutter

    Weeding nightmare! Nice job!
  11. rzrtrav

    An Exercise in Weeding

    Here's a couple!
  12. rzrtrav


  13. rzrtrav

    Cube vehicle graphics

    If I remember right, it is a toaster, and says "you just got passed by a toaster!"
  14. rzrtrav

    Cube vehicle graphics

    Thought I would share this, the owner of this car designed this graphic. It really made the car.
  15. rzrtrav

    Full camo wrap Ford Edge

    Thank you all! Here is a pic of the car before, I agree K5, it even drives better!