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    Port problems with vinyl cutter??! Help!

    Okay thanks. I just missed te support line, theyre only open Monday trough Froday. I'd love to get this fixed this weekend, if anyone else has any further help that would be FABULOUS! Thanks so much!
  2. I recently bought a vinyl cutter, uscutter MH-721 for my small business. I installed the driver just fine and the machine works when I click "test" on it. But, it doesn't seem to communicate with my computer? In the software I'm using, you have to specify which port your machine is plugged into. My computer does recognize the device, but not in the port(COM). It displays it under the 'Universal Serial Bus Controllers' tab as a USB printing device. This doesn't work as it won't cut anything unless I can say which port it is plugged into - so the software will know what to do. I'm completely confused. I don't know if it is a BIOS problem, which I have no idea how to fix or what I can do. ANY help is appreciated.